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Waiting sucks!! Very faint positive yesterday, BFN today!

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miserywaterfall Sun 23-Feb-14 13:20:07

As the title says ARGH! I did 3 tests (2 different types) yesterday and all of them had very faint positives and today when I retested it was back to BFN! So annoying!

Could this be because it's very early? I am in my WTF cycle post surgical management for my mmc at the end of January, so no real idea when I would have ovulated. It's definitely not left over hormones from the mmc as I was getting BFNs 12 days after surgery and surgery was over 4 weeks ago now.

Guess I just have to wait, but argh, so annoying :/ The only symptoms I've had are PMS like, rage at nothing in particular, stabby pains in both sides down low, a few period like cramps last week...

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