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TTC with high risk of blood clotting..?

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djs4mmj Sat 22-Feb-14 18:12:33

Hi everyone!
I am new, so hello firstly smile

Okay, I have a 17 month old daughter and me and my husband are TTC baby no.2. I have PCOS so we are trying a little earlier just because it can take a goooood while for me to get pregnant.
Anyway, I have been seeing a consultant at the hospital as I had been getting ridiculously tired and having painful joints. Ive been having many many tests done and my consultant believes it is Systemic Lupus. Last time I saw him he also said they had picked something up in one of my blood tests which was that I am a high risk of blood clotting and if we wanted another baby I would have to be monitored through my pregnancy. He told me to take a daily aspirin 75mg.
I was just wondering if any one else has had this high risk of blood clotting and what happened when they were pregnant? Did you have to have any medication or anything?
I mean I must of had this when I was carrying my daughter and it was a very easy midwife put me on the same dose aspirin near the end as my BMI is above what it should be. I told my consultant this and he asked why I was put on it, and when i told him about the BMI thing he laughed and said that midwives use that as an excuse smile I do love my consultant haha.
Anyway, thanks in advance and hope I havent confused anyone too much.
Sam smile

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