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V high progesterone on clomid - should I carry on?

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zumm Fri 21-Feb-14 21:38:49

Hi, Been ttc for a year (two if I count the MMC at 12 weeks...) & am now 41, so went to a private (london) hospital in nov.

Had scan, blood tests - all apparently fine (ovulating, day 21 progesterone around 60-70). However, doctor said to try a v low dose of clomid (namely half a tablet a day " a sniff of clomid") to try to 'boost' everything.

This I did during my last cycle -got strange spotting almost until ovulation day, followed by severe 'mittleschmertz' during ov (never experienced that before - do have one child).

Blood test for this month just in today - a shockingly high day 21 progesterone reading of 128. However, I'm not pg - in fact today is day one of period. (Doesn't help that we didn't have sex on the right day - plus zero cm...)

Anyhow, doctor originally said to take the 1/2 colonic dose for 2 cycles. I contacted him today to ask if I ought to continue with this plan given my high reading (I'd need to start taking the tabs tomorrow). However, I couldn't get through to him - no reply by phone or email... grrr.

Anyone here have any advice or experience. Desp to fall pregnant - so wondering whether to simply try a 1/4 clomid tablet... Can't imagine the 1/2 tab was doing me much good.

If this doesn't work, I think I'll need to go the ivf route. Thanks for any feedback!

zumm Fri 21-Feb-14 21:40:19

Colonic = clomid! ;-)

plannedshock Fri 21-Feb-14 21:47:58

When I had my 1st round I hate blood results of over 400!! We didn't 'try' as I was petrified of twins/triplets
2nd round was 200+ and we had dd.

plannedshock Fri 21-Feb-14 21:50:01

Sorry forgot to say I took 100mg on day 2,4,6 reduced to 50mg

zumm Fri 21-Feb-14 21:51:09

Ah brilliant - thanks for the info planned. so my results weren't so shocking then! Perhaps I sd go tge second month on his recommended half tab dose then? (Simply that the doc had said anything over 100 tends to suggests twins.)

zumm Fri 21-Feb-14 21:53:49

Aha, re your second post on dosage: I've been told to take 25mg day 2-6. Do you mean you reduced your dosage to 50mg on the second cycle (but only took over course of 3 days?). What bothers me slightly is no monitoring at this end, bar day 21 blood test - who knows what's going on in my body!

plannedshock Fri 21-Feb-14 21:59:21

Yes for 2nd cycle it was reduced to 50mg I had a blood test every wk. and was told to ring them ASAP if I felt any pain or heaviness. (I actually think my results were even higher than what I've written 1st post they were super high that I didn't try then shit myself thinking id waste a chance)

zumm Fri 21-Feb-14 22:03:43

I had pain...i take it you didn't? They weren't bothered about any of my symptoms - said to wait & see what the blood test revealed. Did they indicate to you why pain might be bad? In my case, my ovaries just ached! Not awful (eg not shooting pain) just a deep ache. Dh says not to even bother with the clomid this month - but your post is actually v encouraging! Second time lucky etc :-). (I realise this is bad science!)

plannedshock Fri 21-Feb-14 22:13:12

I had pain the 1st time (like bad ovulation pain) they said the pain is usually related to high lsh/fsh level (can't remember which) which is releasing more than one egg-high chance of multiples. Also overstimulation of the ovaries is dangerous. I had clomid then the only chance after that for me was Ivf. Me personally I would of given the clomid a full good go before not taking it.
What makes you not want to take it this month?

zumm Fri 21-Feb-14 22:24:06

Issues with taking clomid:
1. Bloody spotting during week leading up to ov (v odd)
2. Zero fertile cervical mucus (bar some blood stained stuff, sorry tmi!)
3. Pains - which made me think poss overstimulation
4. Not being monitored (you had weekly blood tests etc!)
5. Bad mood around ovulation :-)

But on the other hand, maybe I sd just give it a second shot - it's a v low dose! Like you, I think I need to give it a go - next step is more serious (ivf?).

...Unless, I just try a 1/4 tab (13mg a day!) - ie half my original dose (which is kinda what you did, albeit your dose was halved to 50mg).

Ps Were you already ovulating naturally before you took clomid? (I was, which is my 6th reason for wondering whether I sd even be taking it!)

plannedshock Fri 21-Feb-14 22:33:33

I've got pcos but I was ovulating but not having any periods, so couldn't pin it down so the clomid gave me a cycle. It's definitely worth sticking with and putting up with all the crap with re to the cm I think one of the side effects of clomid is it can make you quite 'dry' so the cm part I wouldn't pay much attention to. My drs told me cm helps sperm to travel so that's one of the down sides of using clomid. I was only allowed clomid for 6mths before Ivf. My friend had Ivf and I feel very lucky in comparison-just the journey

AttilaTheMeerkat Sat 22-Feb-14 09:17:45


Some private treatment can be poor as well as expensive and what has happened here could well fall into this category. Nice surroundings does not equal better quality of treatment. I do not think this place really know what to do with you.

BTW has your man been tested?. That should have already been done by now too.

Honestly, I would give this place a wide berth nd seek a further opinion from someone who instead seems to know what they are doing. Also clomid tablets should not be broken up. Clomid's main job is to make the ovaries work harder, it should only be given where there is definitive proof you are not ovulating.

Its too big a jump as well to go from clomid to IVF and I would be wondering whether you are actually ovulating every cycle now.

Conception is not simply about having sex on the "right" day; it does not work like that at all.

zumm Sat 22-Feb-14 09:42:16

Attila, thanks - I know you have already helped with my previous qus related to this! I agree with all your comments (it is expensive & I don't feel esp cared for - more that clomid = easy option, worth trying, from their pov - if only to look like they're doing something; but I feel might do me harm).

I am ov every month (at least acc to blood tests). What is an issue is lighter periods than when I was younger (& fell pg) and also not much cm.

So Attila, what could or should be the next step if not ivf?

I feel quite confused - thanks! Thanks also to planned for your comments - your health issues v different to mine (no periods, pcos; whereas my issues are age related stuff as above...and probably stress).

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