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TTC #1 after mirena coil

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topazstar Thu 20-Feb-14 20:04:48

Ok me and my dp decided to ttc #1 made a doctors appointment to gave my coil removed which was on 5th Feb had AF arrive on 25th Jan before my coil was removed had very slight spotting after coil was removed. AF made another appearance on 8th Feb till 14th. All seemed ok and then last night I had spotting and today very light bleed normally not like my normal periods are I suffer with bad period pains but I just feel a dull ache.
not sure if all this is my body just sorting it self out after coil removal but I am very confused and not sure how I can work out if and when I am ovulating. Any advice would be be appreciated.

Writerwannabe83 Thu 20-Feb-14 21:02:47

Did you continue to have regular periods whilst your Mirena was in place?

The Mirena is not designed to stop ovulation but it still occurs in about 25% of women and they are usually the women whose periods completely stop. for those women it tends to take longer to get pregnant after the Mirena as your body's natural process of Ovulation needs to kick start again and your endometrium wall needs time to build up again to a thickness that allows implantation. In situations like this I was told it can take up about 6 months to fall pregnant once the Mirena has been removed.

When I had my Mirena I continued to have regular periods and regular cycles (although my periods were much shorter and lighter) and after my Coil was removed I got my BFP within 5 weeks - probably because the Mirena had had no bearing at all on my hormones or ovulation.

However, there are women on these forums who didn't have periods whilst the Mirena was in place but still went on to conceive very quickly after its removal.

I think there are general guidelines as to how long it will take to conceive but there are always exceptions to the rules!!! The best of luck and I hope it happens quickly for you smile

topazstar Thu 20-Feb-14 22:36:39

I have very irregular periods while on the mirena coil, only had it in for a year but prior to that I had an I plan on implant for 3 years. Just think I am worrying over little things especially as I am spotting atm . thank you for the advice. ☺

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