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Who's still in the running for a Feb BFP!!

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EmilyPinkOrBlue Thu 20-Feb-14 15:00:58

Af/bfp due weds 26th!!! Please hurt up!!

EmilyPinkOrBlue Thu 20-Feb-14 15:01:40

Hurry not hurt!!

EmilyPinkOrBlue Thu 20-Feb-14 17:13:14

Feeling lonely!!

jellybeans001 Thu 20-Feb-14 18:41:16

Lol never mind others are either disappointed or pregnant never mind. You being the only one with af due on this day makes you special so be proudsmile

Nottalotta Thu 20-Feb-14 18:44:05

AF die tomorrow and am pretty sure will arrive.

RPopz Sat 22-Feb-14 20:34:36

Don't be lonely Emily, am due 28th!! Feeling crampy and boob achey today though so not too hopeful... x

prettypleasewithsugarontop Sat 22-Feb-14 20:50:42

Me! AF due 26th.

Rose768 Sat 22-Feb-14 20:52:52

I am! Af/bfp due 27th Feb, going crazy! Was thinking earlier that I can't remember what I used to do to pass time before lurking on mumsnet and waiting for tww to pass!

RPopz Sat 22-Feb-14 21:13:18

Actually, my cycle is 35 days so technically I'm due 1st March... lol. Shall I leave? ;-)

EmilyPinkOrBlue Sat 22-Feb-14 23:20:20

Wowwie I'm glad I'm not on my lonesome!! I am due weds. I'm 10dpo today and was going to test this morning but I suddenly got scared about the result! So I may test tomorrow smile
Rpopz as feb is such a short month I think we will allow you to stay for the 1st march smile
How is everyone? Has anyone poas?

NewlymrsB Sat 22-Feb-14 23:36:04

Emily I am the same as you! Still in at the moment...

YellowMummy712 Sat 22-Feb-14 23:36:06

I'm still in! af/bfp due on the 25th, I'm 11dpo and took a test on friday bfn! I was a little disappointed but knew it was too early, I am now waiting until tuesday to test again

NewlymrsB Sat 22-Feb-14 23:40:40

It's really hard this waiting game isn't it!!

Rose768 Sun 23-Feb-14 01:35:43

10dpo today! I poas yesterday, bfn which was expected but still gutting. I'm trying to tell myself I wont poas until af due date but I bet I wont stick to it.
Agree with your NewlymrsB, this is hard!

claudeekishi Sun 23-Feb-14 09:54:55

Due 27th.

Not going to poas before then if I can help it. Not feeling hopeful now that I know how small the odds are each month!

NewlymrsB Sun 23-Feb-14 11:58:06

When is everyone testing??

EmilyPinkOrBlue Sun 23-Feb-14 12:09:29

afternoon ladies
11dpo today poas and bfn sad perhaps still too early not even a trace of a second line sad will not test now till my af due on weds

EmilyPinkOrBlue Sun 23-Feb-14 12:10:23

anyone poas this morning or planning to today?

NewlymrsB Sun 23-Feb-14 12:23:41

I haven't poas but really tempted!!! Should wait for fmu really??

NewlymrsB Sun 23-Feb-14 12:40:55

Bfn here! sad sad may still be too early! Will try to old out until wed like you emily

Netty15 Sun 23-Feb-14 12:47:33

4 days late but had a negative test on friday, May try again tomorrow if nothing's happened. This is my second month of being late so don't want to get my hopes up again xx

NewlymrsB Sun 23-Feb-14 12:50:50

Good luck everyone xx

NewlymrsB Sun 23-Feb-14 17:03:39

Been in a very bad mood today and feeling very hungry so I fear AF is on her way!!

Mumof3xx Sun 23-Feb-14 17:06:12

I was not ttc

But feel I need to poas

Will try and do this tomorrow if I get chance

Rose768 Sun 23-Feb-14 17:53:01

Hi all poas this morning, bfn sad
Haven't had any symptoms and don't usually get AF cramps until day of.
Ahh, work tomorrow is finally going to be able to distract me until thurs!

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