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Possible symptoms of early miscarriage my naievety ignored. What do you think?

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LeadingToGadeBank Thu 20-Feb-14 01:34:35

I'm in my 40s now with two young children, but since having children, this has always made me curious:

When I was in my mid Twenties, I was on the Pill regularly and at the start of a new relationship with an average, healthy sex life, and a year or so into it I remember going to Bournemouth for the weekend and noticing that I had what I now know to be colostrum leaking very mildly in miniscule amounts.

That is to say, combination of utter naievety at the time and immature but ironclad belief I wasn't maternal therefore couldn't have children - well, I was squeezing the stuff out with particular curiosity at the time but passed it off as just, I don't know really, vaguely remember thinking it was just fat pustules.

Added to that, I also particularly remember passing a massive blood clot the size of a 50p piece during Aunty Flo, big enough to wrap in a tissue and have a good old peruse for ten minutes or so, fascinated by the size and viscosity of it. At no point did it cross my mind this could be a miscarriage...

Years later, I now wonder, could it have been?! Or could those incidents have just been side effects of the Pill, particularly the colostrum.

I'll always wonder if that was a lost baby.

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