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I'm halfway through evil 2ww yay!!

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EmilyPinkOrBlue Wed 19-Feb-14 21:25:03

Hehe feeling a little frisky!! So glad to be half way either to af for bfp I just want to know!! The bad cramps I had since Sunday seem to have subsided so that's helped in bettering my mood smile how is everyone?

SaRaRaRaRa Thu 20-Feb-14 16:25:29

Hurrah, a week down. I have about a week to go too - drags doesn't it!!!!

Hazelbrowneyes Thu 20-Feb-14 16:35:06

I have noooo idea if the 27th will be a day before I'm due or 2 days after. It's quite nice in a way but frustrating in another. Am I 6dpo or 9dpo? Who knows!

I promised myself I wouldn't symptom spot but this month I've had:

Cramps on Monday & Tuesday this week (so either 3-4dpo or 6-7dpo)
Cramps and bloating on Wednesday
Mild cramps today

All much higher than last month as well which is a bit odd. Very deep in my pelvis too.

Today I've got a swollen gland in my left armpit, a sore throat, body aches and a sore left boob. Both nipples are a bit tingly.

SaRaRaRaRa Thu 20-Feb-14 16:55:56

Oh confusing re dpo Hazel! I also promised not to symptom spot but am still trying to find symptoms ... none so far!

Hazelbrowneyes Thu 20-Feb-14 17:28:56

I know! I'm going to go with the later date just to be on the safe side I think. If AF turns up Tuesday then we know I was wrong!

I've got an enlarged vein heading towards my nipple...I've had this before & it turned out to be a cyst. That would also link the swollen gland & sore throat as I had that last time I had a cyst too.

SaRaRaRaRa Thu 20-Feb-14 19:41:56

I think I would go for the later date too, then if you test early and you are actually the other date it will be more likely to be +ve.

Fingers crossed it's a BFP symptom and not a cyst!

EmilyPinkOrBlue Fri 21-Feb-14 07:15:40

9dpo for me today!! Tested last night but was still too early! I am going to test Saturday morning as will be 10dpo and with googling seems to be the first real time that a positive will show if my ov dates are all correct . Nearly there!!

SaRaRaRaRa Fri 21-Feb-14 07:35:47

Emily grin You are as bad as me! I am a POAS addict. 8dpo in the afternoon was v unlikely to be BFP - best of luck for tomorrow instead. Not sure when I will test yet. Am 8dpo today x

Hazelbrowneyes Fri 21-Feb-14 08:39:45

Woe, I've woken up full of cold sad

Still got a red line heading towards my nipple but it's not as sore as yesterday. Or it could just be that everything else now hurts so I'm not noticing it.

Totally feel like AF is on it's way and I've put on a few lbs (like last month!) as well.

EmilyPinkOrBlue Fri 21-Feb-14 09:21:11

Hehe sara! I keep telling myself I am stupid but then I think well it would be nice to know as soon as possible and I got eBay cheapies 10 for a few quid do it's not really hosting me either!! But I promise to not test till first wee say morning when I will be 10dpo! How long have u been trying Sara? This is my first time! What does poas stand?
Sorry to hear your feeling unwell hazel hope you get well v soon smile

SaRaRaRaRa Fri 21-Feb-14 09:34:53

Yes I have cheap internet tests too. They are too tempting! Think my willpower would be better if I was throwing away a tenner with each wee!

10dpo is acceptable wink. I have am going to try to wait til Monday - 11dpo...

This is cycle 3 for me, am TTC #2. How about you?

POAS = pee on a stick grin

SaRaRaRaRa Fri 21-Feb-14 09:35:42

Sorry to hear your unwell hazel - get better v soon!

EmilyPinkOrBlue Fri 21-Feb-14 09:44:04

Hehe I'm liking the 10 dpo acceptable bit!! Keep us updated if you have the will power to wait till Monday!! I will be very impressed if so! Ttc no 1 and first cycle for me! The day we decided to try very conveniently landed on my first fertile day so we've only been trying since 6th feb! It already feels like a life time! Did you concieve quickly/easily with your first? How old is your first?

SaRaRaRaRa Fri 21-Feb-14 09:48:42

I think it's about the earliest it can show up (might be wrong!) and if negative the preg hormones might just need a little longer to build up.

Wow that so good timing re deciding to try on your first fertile day! Did you use OPKs?

DS is 21 months. Took 4 cycles, had a chemical on cycle 3 and conceived again the month after.

EmilyPinkOrBlue Fri 21-Feb-14 09:59:52

No I've just done a post re ov packs as think will try them next month if this month isn't my lucky month. I have been tracking my periods on an iPhone app for last 4 ish years and it shows your expected fertile window based on all your inputted period start dates so it's quite handy really!
What does a chemical mean? Did a test show positive and then further ones negative?

SaRaRaRaRa Fri 21-Feb-14 10:09:33

Oh I'll have a look at your post, I use OPKs. I have an app like that too, you have lots of data on it, that's great. According to my OPKs I ovulate a bit earlier than the app says. Which one do you use?

Chemical pregnancy is when it doesn't implant properly. So you get a positive test but then all your symptoms go and you get a late heavy period. It is awful, you think you have a BFP but don't - it's the reason lots of people don't test til after AF due. But I figure that at least it means that you caught the egg so dtd'd at the right time and that makes me feel better, even if it doesn't implant properly. If that makes sense? But other people find that worse.

EmilyPinkOrBlue Fri 21-Feb-14 10:33:10

Very original - period tracker!! It's been so handy I'm so glad I started using it now. It said I was fertile for 7 days so me and oh dtd 5 times over that period more than we would ever normally!! lol my oh was moaning at the end of it that it was too much when normally it's the other way round! He tried is luck last night but I said no it's not the right time! Lol what a mean gf I am!
Chemical pregnancy doesn't sound nice at all sorry sad
fingers crossed this month smile
I've also been using the baby med fertility calender it gives you info about what's happening if you were pregnant like inplantation etc

SaRaRaRaRa Fri 21-Feb-14 12:30:30

5/7 days is good going. I know what you mean, TTC means we do it a lot more than usually too and although hubby was keen at the start I think he was relieved when I wasn't fertile anymore! Tiring isn't it!

Oh might check out baby med.

RPopz Sat 22-Feb-14 13:14:16

Halfway through here too, unfortunately am spotty and grumpy so expecting a period.... You know how people just "know" they're preg? I just "know" I'm not... hmm

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