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Have any of you become pregnant after ttc for three years or more??????

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DitsyDonkey Wed 19-Feb-14 20:24:42

I'm having a low day today, our three year anniversary of ttc is around the corner. sad but we don seem to be any nearer achieving our pregnancy goal. I'm starting to think that at this stage it is unlikely to happen. I can't believe it really.

Some history....

One dc age 7.5
Ttc 3 yrs
Once miscarriage at 9 weeks just before Christmas
4 rounds of clomid so far....ovulated on all BUT I don't ovulate on my own!

naty1 Wed 19-Feb-14 20:57:21

Have they put you on metformin?

eurochick Wed 19-Feb-14 21:02:42

Well if you don't ovulate on your own, then you have only really had 4 shots at it, and it sounds like you got a BFP on one of those but sadly miscarried. So you are actually doing really well.

I clicked on your link because I am currently 12 weeks pg after ttc for almost exactly 3 years. This is my second pregnancy - I miscarried the first. Both occurred after IVF treatment. I do ovulate naturally and this was my 38th cycle of ttc. Clearly something else is at play in my case.

Your story sounds very encouraging, although I know how hard the mc must have been. How many more rounds of clomid will you do? Is PCOS the problem? Have you tried a low GI diet and metformin?

Queenofknickers Wed 19-Feb-14 21:06:08

I'd add support to the metformin - it can be crucial with pcos - Clomid failed for me but after 2 years of ttc we were pg with DS1. Good luck - it can work really quickly too...

DitsyDonkey Wed 19-Feb-14 21:18:00

Yeah I'm on metformin....or was I kinda got sick of it all after the miscarriage and stopped all meds. But I'm planning on starting back on it all shortly.

Thanks for your words of encouragement! Eurochick congrats on your pregnancy you must be so happy!

I think pcos is my problem, I know I could also do with loosing weight. I'm worried that I only have two rounds of clomid left !

Mouldypineapple Wed 19-Feb-14 21:23:23

I was thinking about starting the same sort of thread today!
As of this week we have been ttc for exactly 3 years and something like 90% of me has given up hope. Although there is a little part of me hanging in there!
I have 2 DD's - 22 And 4! So in many ways I am extremely fortunate but I also feel the pain as dh and I were so hoping for Dd2 to have a sibling a little closer to her age!
Dh has a low sperm count now, although Dd2 was conceived very easily (Dd1 has a different father) and I'm now 41 which is pretty much it on my side. It's all very frustrating so yes would be good to hear of some positive stories from people in the same boat.

duchesse Wed 19-Feb-14 21:27:17

It's shit I know. I felt as though I was actually completely insane at various points of this dubious journey.

6 years later, it happened. DD3 is now 4.5 and is a joy. Worth every single bloody month of waiting.

To be practical though, are you being treated for the PCOS?

duchesse Wed 19-Feb-14 21:28:17

In my case, hypothyroid was the problem I suspect. Have you had tests for thyroid problems?

DitsyDonkey Wed 19-Feb-14 21:43:08

Yep I have had very good care and been tested for everything. Mouldypinapple, I know when you have a child/children already you feel as though you should be happy but that doesn't diminish the pain of not being able to have another baby, in some ways it is harder as you know what you are missing out on.

Duchesse, it definitely does make me feel like I'm going insane, knicker checking, cervical mucus checking, staring at pregnancy tests imagining second lines that are not there, constantly staring at the calendar wishing away the ttw and hoping that this month will be it but knowing that realistically why would this month be any different.

lovesLemonDrizzleCake Thu 20-Feb-14 10:35:26

Hi donkey, most people I "know" who had ovulation problems did get pregnant with the right care. As euro says you've only really had four chances in that time, and got pregnant after one of them.

We were unexplained, TTC for 3,5 yrs with a mc after SO+IUI at 2 yrs, and currently 24 weeks pg after the first FET (and a cp after a fresh round of IVF).

Do discuss chances and treatment options with your clinic though. Most people I know used clomid for a while and often got pg , if that doesn't work out, people move to injectibles and often got pg. Good luck! The three year anniversary is SHIT (as are christmas and birthdays).

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