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Problems concieving - HELP!

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laura3789 Tue 18-Feb-14 15:30:40

Hi All

I have been on the implanon for 4 1/2 years i had it removed on 12th december and now nearly 3 months later we have not concieved. I have not had a period either so im worried im not ovulating.

i never had regular periods, ive tried ovulation tests - all negative!
I have done the worst thing and googled my problem and now im worried i may have PCSO - my 4 year old son was born premature and ihad pre-eclampsia. I have tried calling my doctor who has said they will not consider it a problem until we have been trying for a year! we plan on getting married soon but wanted to have another child before so time is an issue for us.

I am genuinely concerned that there issomething wrong with me and no one in the medical profession seems to want to help - what should i do? should i shout and scream until someone listens to me?


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