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Age? Sex?! Location??

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EmilyPinkOrBlue Tue 18-Feb-14 15:07:23

Just a little thread to take my mind of tww!

How old are you?
Where do you live?
And how long have you been Ttc?

Il go first!

Ttc 12 days exactly!!

KittyVonCatsington Tue 18-Feb-14 15:14:51

South London
TTC 3 Cycles

EmilyPinkOrBlue Tue 18-Feb-14 15:17:47

Hi kitty smile
We should also put where we are in our cycles! I am 6dpo, cramping and going mad!

KittyVonCatsington Tue 18-Feb-14 15:30:09

Ooh, roughly 8dpo for me (assuming 24 hours after +ve OPK result).

Treaclepie19 Tue 18-Feb-14 15:33:50

Cycle 2 (properly)
Cd32 22dpo...

sizethree Tue 18-Feb-14 15:52:48

TTC no.1 day 1 of cycle 4 (after mc at 12 weeks in Nov)

Kittycat1991 Tue 18-Feb-14 15:53:29

Ttc late period

EmilyPinkOrBlue Tue 18-Feb-14 15:58:31

Hi treacle, sizethree and kittycat smile
Sorry to hear about your mc sizethree best of luck this cycle smile

Kittycat1991 Tue 18-Feb-14 16:03:29

Hello everyone how is everyone today ? Xx

toots123 Tue 18-Feb-14 16:14:18

ttc#1 cycle 2
16dpo and bfn

Hazelbrowneyes Tue 18-Feb-14 16:22:21

No idea. If I ovulated when app says and around time of EWCM then I'm 7dpo. If I ovulated when I had cramps then I'm 4dpo.

99% sure this isn't going to be a lucky month for me - I have the same cramps I had last month and they were just PMS symptoms.

Hazelbrowneyes Tue 18-Feb-14 16:22:41

Oh and TTC #1, 2nd cycle

Cineraria Tue 18-Feb-14 16:25:50


South London / Kent border

TTC#1 on Cycle 1

10 DPO & not hopeful for this month

Good luck everyone!

indigo55 Tue 18-Feb-14 17:12:33

East London
TTC on cycle 2
1 DPO and hating the 2WW!

Good Luck all! xx

sizethree Tue 18-Feb-14 20:18:10

Hi everyone, and local hello to toots, a fellow Edinburger. we are pretty much cycle twins too. Dreaded AF arrived today so hopefully more luck next month. I'm going for the SMEP plan this time. I am very impatient!

Wineandchoccy Tue 18-Feb-14 20:35:27

Ttc #1 cycle 7

Cd 26 today think I am 7dpo.

Good luck to you all smile

ImBrian Tue 18-Feb-14 20:48:27

ttc #5
Cycle 1
16dpo with 6 very faint bfps and 1 bfn on a digi

EmilyPinkOrBlue Tue 18-Feb-14 20:53:00

Hi everyone smile thanks for posting x

babytinks89 Tue 18-Feb-14 21:01:58

I'm 24 from Edinburgh, ttc#1 16dpo cd31 and no af and no bfp, what the effs going on.....
Mc in november, cycles been really long since, 37 days then 34 days now waiting on 3rd cycle since mc!
Going insane sad

Any bfps due guys??

toots123 Tue 18-Feb-14 22:09:27

Hi sizethree!! Thought I was the only scottish one here!

And babytinks is Edinburgh too! Im 16dpo too, so frustrating huh. Ive asked dh to hide all my tests! Haha. What will be will be I suppose x

Sleepingstarsmommy Tue 18-Feb-14 22:19:41

Ttc#1 cycle 3 (previously 3 early miscarriages and a still born last September)
Currently 10dpo and symptom spotting

Vicky5910 Tue 18-Feb-14 22:22:43

Hi I'm 26 (27 a week tomorrow!)
I'm in the midlands
I'm on cycle 1, cd 23, though I'm not sure this cycle counts as we literally decided last week it was time to try for our second smile

Chloerose75 Tue 18-Feb-14 23:54:15

I am 27, in Bristol and on cycle 5. CD11 and waiting for my Amazon OPKs to arrive as I have been having long cycles and not sure when ovulation is happening.

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