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2 weeks After Oulating and I still haven't come on

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Kittycat1991 Tue 18-Feb-14 13:48:45

Still having negative pregnancy tests, I'm late, and I have tender boobs and nipples,

Should I wait abit before I do another test or should I wait and see if I come on ?

Newbie784 Tue 18-Feb-14 13:54:29

Hi Kitty, I am in the same situation as you and came on to post my own message. Hope you don't mind me piggybacking onto yours?

I've been online looking and apparently it can take up to 20dpo to show up for some ladies depending on implantation date etc. I am 14dpo today and got another bfn this morning. I only have a 10 day lp normally so am 4 days late with no sign of AF-it's driving me crazy!

I have no more tests left and so am trying to go by the wait 3 days and test again rule which means Friday is the day and if not I'll try again Monday if no AF or bfp which takes me up to 20dpo. If still nothing I may go to the docs.

What's your plan? Fingers crossed for both our bfp's soon! X x

Kittycat1991 Tue 18-Feb-14 14:01:59

Hello newbie784.

I don't mind I think we are in the same boat lol, I think I'm the same as you I am 4 days late aswel, and I don't ever be late and I took my last pregnancy test on Saturday and it come back negative.

I think I'm going to do what you said try every 3 days and see if anything come up because I don't feel like I'm about to come on either because I'm not getting any symptoms,

Do you have any symptoms of pregnancy, all I have is sensitive boob and nipple and I keep feeling faint, I don't know what my hunger moods doing going all over the shop lol

Newbie784 Tue 18-Feb-14 14:14:43

We'll support each other through this then smile Yes I do feel I have symptoms however I have other months and not been pregnant so keep wondering if I am imagining some of them.

I have got quite a bit of (tmi) cm and feel generally very wet down there (sorry tmi again!) so much so I have to keep checking AF hasn't arrived! I am also having waves of nausea however mainly in the evenings not morning. I am having sensations but I wouldn't call them cramps. Also have tingly boobs...

I am now trying to talk myself out of getting more tests for tomorrow. I have been really patient up until today but now I want to know. Problem is I am convinced I am pregnant so wasn't upset by bfn this mounting just annoyed as I want it to be confirmed. I'll be gutted if AF comes!

How long have you been trying? This is my 6th month x x

Kittycat1991 Tue 18-Feb-14 14:58:33

Yea that sounds good we can support each other what ever happeneds but fingers crossed smile

I thought that at first but it seems real , I was getting abit of nausea the other day but I just put it down to over eating.

I think the best thing to do is wait untill next week I think I might wait a week from my last test to see if anything come up because it must show something in a weeks time if not the ill do it in closer days lol.

I know that feeling iv convinced myself I am aswel and my boyfriend is convinced aswel because my boobs keep growing :s so be will be gutted and he was really gutted on Saturday when I told him about he test sad,

We was talking about it ages ago but we come the to decision a few months ago so it's just the waiting game lol

What pill was you before you was Ttc?


Kittycat1991 Tue 18-Feb-14 21:48:54


Helen87 Wed 19-Feb-14 06:36:29

Morning to you both please can I join? My period is now 5 days late as well. I did a test on Saturday morning and it was a bfn. But I still have no signs of AF being on her way. I also have loads of cm and keep feeling like AF is here but she's not!

I haven't been off the pill for that long, so I'm not totally sure about my cycle lengths. But last month I ovulated on about cd19 and then AF turned up on cd28. So I think that I must ovulate late, which means if I am pregnant it will take a bit longer than a lot of women to get my BFP. I wasn't feeling too confident but then on Saturday night I had the tiniest few spots of blood. I thought that AF would be here by Sunday morning, but no sign. So now I think it might have been implantation bleeding. The exact same thing happened to my sister and it was a week after that that she got her BFP (it was a very strong one). So I'm going to wait until Saturday to test again. But if it's negative I'm also going to be sooooo depressed!

Symptoms wise, I have been a lot lot hotter than normal, had loads of cm, and have been feeling a bit nauseous at various points in the day. Last Saturday I had a lot of random pains in my stomach.

Seriously hope we all get our bfps soon. The wait is an absolute nightmare! Plus if AF rocks up, it'll make it so hard to know what's going on for future cycles!

Sorry for the absolutely rambling message. Kind of trying to get it clear in my own head! How are you two doing today? Any news?xx

Newbie784 Wed 19-Feb-14 10:58:34

Morning both!

Yes Helen of course you can join! No new for me today, no AF but my temps have dropped a little again. That's 3 days in a row for a drop so am worrying I may be out but have no signs of AF showing.

15dpo and I have been off bc for years kitty just barrier method...I will be devastated too if AF arrives. My DH is keeping me grounded though and says he won't get excited until we get a bfp! I think that's as he knows it crushes me every month so doesn't want to make it worse.

Any news yet for either of you?

Kittycat1991 Wed 19-Feb-14 11:33:39

Hey you two, how is everyone feeling today?

And still nothing no sign apart from abit of cramping and feeling sick this morning that's all I have sad and I don't know if I should wait untill I'm a week late or anything, I'm on day 5 now and still nothing apart from that just the crampin is abit annoying lol.

What's everyone's thoughts today ? Xx

GimmeDaBoobehz Wed 19-Feb-14 11:36:38

Sorry not ttc myself but thought I'd just let you know that it wasn't until my period was 7 days late that anything showed up properly on a test. 5 days late a little faint line showed up but wasn't sure if it was an evap line and nothing on the second one I tried that day, so perhaps leave it a few days and make sure you do it in the morning for maximum affect.

Tender boobs / nausea was what I had even before my period was late when I was pregnant with DD.

I wish all you ladies good luck and hope you get the results you are hoping for. smile

Helen87 Wed 19-Feb-14 14:23:58

Hi everyone. Still no sign of anything for me. I'm not doing temps or anything so no idea what mine is, I just know that I feel hotter than normal!

I've heard plenty of people say that they get AF like cramps and then turn out to be pregnant. My sister sent me a link this morning from an article on babycentre that says you should really wait until you're a week late to test, so I think if we can we should get to Saturday?! If it's still a bfn then I have noooo idea what I'll do.

Do either of you know when you ovulate for sure?

Thanks for the advice Gimme, it's really good to hear some positive stories!

What tests are you both using? I have some IC but I'm paranoid about using them next week in case for some reason they don't work. I have a Tesco one as well so don't know whether to use both?! So hard isn't it!! xx

Newbie784 Wed 19-Feb-14 22:15:41

Thanks for the advice Gimmie!

Helen I don't know for sure when I ovulated. I normally use opk's but ran out on CD 17 and was still getting negatives! I normally ovulate between CD14-19 and was getting EWCM on CD 18&19 so I am guessing CD19 or 20 for ovulation.

Unfortunately I only decided after ovulation on a whim to start tracking my bbt so I only have half a pic as no idea what they were pre-ovulation!

Unfortunately I may be out (I really really hope not!!!), this afternoon an just a had the tiniest bit of brown/peach mixed in with creamy cm on the tp (sorry tmi). I wouldn't have noticed except I am analysing everything! By my calculations i am 14 or 15dpo (lp is normally 10 days so I am late) which is too late for implantation bleeding right? So can it only be the start of AF?

I'm really depressed right now, what do you ladies think? I haven't said anything to DH yet as want to see what happens in the morning and I don't want to disappoint him

Newbie784 Wed 19-Feb-14 22:18:03

Oh Helen the tests I have used are FRER on 10/11 dpo and Clearblue Plus on 13/14 dpo both a bfn!

I planned to try again on Friday with FRER which will be 16/17 dpo

Helen87 Thu 20-Feb-14 06:36:25

Newbie- from my extensive googling, it seems to suggest that implantation can happen any time between about 6-12dpo. So if you're only roughly guessing when you ovulated you might have been slightly later meaning it could be implantation? I seemed to get ewcm for quite a while around ovulation this month so I wouldn't rule yourself out yet. I think we should only rule ourselves out when AF properly turns up!

Any news this morning though? I thought I was out when I had those few little spots on Saturday night but then when the was nothing the day later I knew it wasn't AF turning up.

Ah ok. Well I have a tesco test from ages ago when I was still on the pill and also have some IC. I think I might test with both and then if bfns, I'll go out and buy a FR. That's if AF still isn't here by weekend obviously!x

Newbie784 Thu 20-Feb-14 07:18:36

Thanks Helen, maybe I just don't know. I woke up about 5:30 desperate for the toilet but didn't go as trying to temp so forced myself back to sleep however waking would have disrupted my temps away. When I took it at normal time it had dropped again by 0.1 of a degree but don't know if that means anything.

This morning I wiped and had some brown. I do feel like I have AF type cramps this boobs are more tender today as well. Maybe I did ovulate a lot later than I thought, I moved house early in this cycle so that could have disrupted things.

I'll let you know how I get on later today but I'm not hopeful.

Any signs for you today? Thanks for your support x

Kittycat1991 Thu 20-Feb-14 10:05:27

Hey ladies any signs today? I don't know why tests I have used I just normally pick random ones up but I know if I get a positive ill guy a clear blue,

Well last night I was over heating it felt like I was sitting on a radiator lol, but I got my boyfriend to open the window, iv been having some sicky feelings last night and this morning I felt like I was going to be sick after I had my breakfast I don't know if I should go and get a test and try it again and see if anything is going to show up :s but I haven't told anyone I have been trying apart from my boyfriend mom so I'm abit anxious because I feel like I an pregnant but I'm scare it will be a bfn again


Kittycat1991 Thu 20-Feb-14 15:06:39

BFN sad still but no period hmm

Helen87 Thu 20-Feb-14 18:00:33

Hi, still no sign of AF for me. I've been ridiculously tired today and came and got in to bed as soon as I got home. Also been in the worst mood ever! Decided to do a test when I got home just in case. Told myself it's likely to be negative because I had only been to the loo about 2 hours before and it might still be too early etc etc so not to get too depressed if it was a bfn. It was a bfn and now I am depressed. Argh, really wish I had of held out until Saturday. I'm getting more and more nervous now that I might get a bfn on Saturday too and still be in no mans land! This waiting around is so unbelievably awful!

Any news for you two?

Honestly what do you think your chances are? I was feeling pretty good about it until tonight hmm

Helen87 Thu 20-Feb-14 18:02:55

Oh yeah and I used an IC where you do t get the instructions on the packet. I read them after I did the test and realised I possibly didn't leave the stick in for long enough. Not sure if that has any impact on the result or not because the control line showed up as normal. Aaaaaaaarrrrrgggghhhhh!!!!!

Kittycat1991 Thu 20-Feb-14 19:01:21

That's not good you being really tired I think maybe it's to early to tell because you do seem like you are with your symptoms,

I know I feel like utter shit with my negative but I still haven't come on and in not having any period symptoms.

I have been ridiculously hungry, as soon as I woke up I was starving sad and I am still hungry now I don't know what's wrong with me, iv never felt thing hungry, I'm tired, boobs are growing, and more sensitive, feeling sick and after iv eaten, and feeling faint abit aswel but I don't know.

I was telling my boyfriend about this site he was wondering who I was talking to and he likes to know how your all getting on.

What are you feeling today ?

Fingers crossed we will get what we are waiting for next week! smile X

Helen87 Thu 20-Feb-14 20:13:09

You definitely seem like you're having loads of pregnancy symptoms as well. I think maybe it's probably just too early to tell with both of us?

My husband is getting me a first response test and then I'm doing to do it on Saturday morning. Fingers crossed I get my BFP then or I'll be going absolutely insane!

Nice your boyfriend is taking an interest in all us too smile

When are you going to test again?

Kittycat1991 Thu 20-Feb-14 20:33:46

I think we are in the same boat I think I'll try my best to do one next week, I not I'm going to the doctors for a test because it's starting to do my head in lol,

I think that's the best bet do the fast response one, iv just got normal ones from the chemist I think it's called "freedom" how ironic :/

Yea he likes to know how everyone is getting on and asked if I have spoken to you all today

I hope you get a BFP instead of a BFN

Newbie784 Thu 20-Feb-14 20:54:08

Sounds really positive for both of you so I really hope you get your bfp's soon!

I think I may be out though, I still have a tiny amount of brownish cm (sorry tmi) it started last night and I still have it. It's only a tiny amount and not there every time and is boy when I wipe but still...

Half of me is hoping its implantation bleeding but deep down I know it's more likely to be the start of AF due to my drop in bbt's. Feeling a bit depressed to be honest, I was going to take a test in the morning but don't think it's worth it now sad

3isourmagicnumber Thu 20-Feb-14 21:10:45

Just saw this post and hoping u all get a good result over the weekend. My bfp not due till 9th march but wanted to join in this thread to see how u all get on. Loads of luck to u all. Ttc #3 cycle 1 xxx

Newbie784 Thu 20-Feb-14 21:22:30

Thanks 3-good luck to you too x

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