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Smear - While TTC

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MrsExcited Tue 18-Feb-14 11:00:11

Just got back from an appointment with the nurse for my smear test - didn't happen and rebooked for 2 weeks time.

I feel rubbish for wasting her time!

Before I booked the appointment I asked the receptionist if it was OK at a point where I would be on the 2WW, she checked with the nurse at the time came back and said fine.

But in there today on CD22 the nurse said she would prefer not to carry out smear due to risk of miscarriage, given 2 previous MC within the last 12 months I to would rather this if there is an increased risk, and I am not even that hopeful this month!!

I couldn't find a definite answer prior to going - anyone else had any experience here.

Not upset in the least with how the surgery treated me, but do feel bad for wasting an appointment.

moggle Tue 18-Feb-14 11:21:34

Don't feel bad! You did try your best to find out :-) the nurse will probably be happy as now she has a little extra time in the day and the later appointments won't be quite as late as the probably would be :-)
I haven't heard anything that a smear on the 2ww is bad, though I can imagine why people might worry about it. I certainly agree that if it's all the same to you, might as well book it in the week after your period finishes. Good luck with everything! Xx

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