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Need advice 5 days late!!!

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sam1426 Mon 17-Feb-14 16:55:10

Can't believe i'm actually having to seek advice. i'm 37 with twins who are 17 yrs old Surprised. yes shock to read even worse typing it. i'm regular every 25 days for 2 days have been for years. i have had symptoms for the past 16 days and i NEVER get any sign of AF other than the water gain 2 days before she arrives. i've suffered with sickness. peeing to the point its annoying me. tingles left side near hip .cramps backache. my large breast are even larger which my OH loves (greedy git) and they are so tender i cant sleep on my front. i have heaps of ewcm (tmi) i've taken a few tests BFN. but i'm now 5 days late. these are all something i never suffer with.

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