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Louielovesyou Sat 15-Feb-14 20:38:19

Hi All

I am a newby : )

I have been looking on lots of sites but don't seem to be able to find answers to my questions - i am going stir crazy.
I had my son in 2010 after 3 years of ttc. We casually tried and were in no rush but i knew that i had cycle problems that could cause issues. After many many years and symptoms i was finally diagnosed with PCOS and we have had bfn after bfn since ttc when my lo turned one (nearly 3 years ago). After many scans, a lap and ovarian drilling i was finally put on chlomid (50mg day 2 - 6). My consultant is not very sympathetic to my size, i'm a size 16 and she seems to think this is holding me back from getting pregnant and i am also now on metformin. I don't think i am on the huge size and my weight loss is slow and steady. I have a lot of pcos symptoms including an insulin resistance and weight gain. I'm sure she thinks i munch through everything in site when it couldn't be further from the truth.
This is my first cycle of Chlomid and i am now on cd13. Yesterday i had my tracking scan and i was VERY excited in the hope that i had several follicles, i was quite upset to find i had only one. I know it only takes one but i was still shattered and i know i should be happy and positive that there is one. The follicle was only 12mm in size but the nurse said all looked well and i should hopefully ovulate this coming Monday. I asked would the follicle mature and grow and she said there was no reason it wouldn't. Well i do think there is a reason, my PCOS. My right ovary was covered in cysts so i am terrified this one teeny follicle won't mature or will become a cyst.
Has anybody else had a 12mm follicle at day 12 with PCOS? Or has anybody been successful with the one follicle?
Is there anything us ladies can do to help the follicle mature? In 2010 when i feel pregnant with my lo i was taking agnus castus, i was temped to start it up again but when i google it it seems to be a no no whilst on chlomid cycles. What do you think?
Sorry for the essay, i am just desperate to conceive again. I adore my lo and i know he is a little miracle but i suppose in my heart i am just no done with motherhood and it has shocked me that that option may no longer be there for me.


Tucktalking Sun 16-Feb-14 11:54:19

Leaving aside all the medical issues, I think if you just relax and eat well that should get your body working well in addition to the tablets you are taking. Avoiding high sugar foods and junk food and eating plenty of vegetables and fruits will ensure your body gets all the nutrients to get the hormones working in the correct way.
Learn to relax and eat well. Worry will get you no where. Good luck in conceiving

naty1 Sun 16-Feb-14 13:32:23

Yes eat well (maybe more veg than fruit, high sugar content)
I think i saw vitex isnt good with pcos.
Weight can be a factor with pcos. 5-10% loss can help ovulation.
I also avoid too much soy.
I eat low gi so brown bread rice and pasta but not too much of these foods.
This icsi i am eating more protein, brazil nuts and coenzyme q10 and my follicles are growing quicker than last time (but i am also on thyroxine)
Have you had your tsh measured?

eurochick Sun 16-Feb-14 20:23:54

A low GI diet can do wonders for PCOS. I would highly recommend it. It makes you feel good too!

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