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Lets defeat PCOS!!!!

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zaph2014 Thu 13-Feb-14 16:13:04

Hi my lovelies!!
After 2 years of ttc n battling with pcos..which included 6 rounds of clomid and still no luck...I finally registered on mumsnet to find inspirational help and motivation from u all who are goin thru similar disheartenment. ..
Ive been on metformin for over 2 yrs..on and off 500mg. Since last 2 months ive upped it to 100mg and my always irregular periods are dot on time. Is it a good sign? Can metformin do wot clomid couldnt for me??

naty1 Thu 13-Feb-14 19:27:03

I think it could work if the main symptom is insulin resistance.

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