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Ttc after mc

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wishywashywanda Thu 13-Feb-14 13:07:08

I had a mc around 5 weeks ago, I was 7ish weeks.
Af was due 3 days ago and still no signs of it coming anytime soon. Without trying to symptom spot too much I have had sore boobs tiredness and am a lot more thirsty.
I had a negative test 3 weeks ago to check hormone has gone down, I'm trying to hold out to test till early next week to give af a chance to show in case cycle is bogded.
As anyone got pregnant so soon after a mc? Is it even possible?

miserywaterfall Thu 13-Feb-14 17:12:27

Yeah it is possible. I had a mmc at the end of January and have been googling this exact question and there are plenty of success stories out there of women who conceived right after a mc without a period inbetween. Fingers crossed it has happened for you smile

Cakecrumbsinmybra Thu 13-Feb-14 17:56:11

Yes it is possible - I conceived 2 weeks after an early mc at 7 weeks. So bfp 4 weeks after the mc. Sorry to hear about your mc and I hope this is another pg for you.

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