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Who's got a 'long cycle'?

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lollydollydrop Thu 13-Feb-14 00:14:12

And what counts as long anyway? What are the implications for TTC? At what point do you need to see the Doc?

My last period was New Years Day, not sure whats going on (but it certainly isnt pregnancy I can tell you that for sure!)

lollydollydrop Thu 13-Feb-14 01:06:35

Worked out I have Oligomenorrhea.

Not sure what it means for fertility though

AttilaTheMeerkat Thu 13-Feb-14 07:18:05

A "normal" cycle length is a length of between 21 and 35 days or with less than 4 days of variation from month to month.

If your cycles have always been irregular in nature then it is best to seek medical advice asap as these problems do not go away on their own. With consistently long cycles too it is likely that you are not ovulating regularly if at all. Such problems are often caused by hormonal imbalances that can be treated. You need a diagnosis of the actual problem first and foremost.

Blood tests can be done to see what your hormone levels are like; you need a day 2 test initially to check and compare your LH level against that of your FSH level.

JanePurdy Thu 13-Feb-14 08:39:18

If you think oligomenhorrea (autocorrect doesn't like that word) that sounds a bit different to having 'long cycles' & my post won't be of much interest to you - but I have roughly 35 day cycles (last month was 39, this month 35). I am pretty sure I ovulate as I get ewcm around day 14 & then I assume I have a long luteal phase. I haven't been able to find much online as to whether this is an issue for ttc but I have conceived two DC quickly so hoping not!

naty1 Thu 13-Feb-14 09:54:05

It depend is seems some people just have long cycles but do ovulate but others dont ovulate.
It can be determined by blood tests

blamber Thu 13-Feb-14 16:09:10

I have long cycles, around 40 days. I had my period on new years day too and just started a new one a few days ago. I have just found out it's because of pcos, because I have some other symptoms too (had a scan and have acne). Even though I get all the signs of ovulation they're checking out if I ovulate through progesterone tests.

If your cycles are long and irregular and you want to ttc, go see the gp and they will advise you further.

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