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TTC - Hints and Advice Welcome!

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cth1982 Wed 12-Feb-14 11:06:47

Hi There,

Bit of background on me...

About 6/7 years ago I was sure I had PCOS as my periods were a bit over the place - I was kept being told it was stress but eventually got an ultrasound appointment and they confirmed it was what I thought! Doctor said I had mild PCOS (cysts were on the ovaries but everything else looked healthy). Only option I was given was to go on the pill to help regulate which I did but stopped taking it in September.

Since then I had my usual time of of the month (first after last packet of pills) then a 29 day cycle and this month a 46 day cycle.

As I had put on weight before coming off the pill I was dieting (lost 13kg but still someway to go!) to help offset the PCOS symptoms but would welcome any hints and tips to this conceiving lark!

I don't smoke and if I have a glass of wine a month that is a lot - is there anything else I can do to help my chances? Although this is only the third month of properly trying I can't help but think maybe I'm broken and it won't happen.

Sprinkling baby dust on all!

naty1 Wed 12-Feb-14 11:41:50

Try to eat brown bread rice pasta not white.
You could see if they would put you on metformin.
Loosing 5% weight can apparently help.
How old are you?

cth1982 Wed 12-Feb-14 11:44:39

Thanks Naty!

my doctors won't put me on anything for at least six to eight months of charting but hope it won't get to that stage!

As I said I have lost 13kgs so far and hope to keep going for at least another 10 (hello weight watchers my old friend!)

I was 32 on Sunday

naty1 Wed 12-Feb-14 15:58:58

GPs are so different mine wasnt interested in my charts.
I would also bear in mind they although you have a known problem it is not necessarily that that is preventing you getting pregnant.
I have pcos but i may have been ovulating? We dont know as we found, quite a but later, we have severe male factor infertility
Hfea website is useful for info.
Certainly worth having a cd21 test to check for ovulation

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