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45 years old and decided to try and get pregnant - what do these results mean

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treetroppo Tue 11-Feb-14 14:17:07

Hello, had blood tests - seeing cons next week but anyone know what these mean?
FSH 9.6, Oestradiol 139 and AMH 8.7.
Just want to be prepared and grateful for any thoughts - I am new to all this. Thank you..

ohfourfoxache Tue 11-Feb-14 14:24:12

Do you know what day of your cycle the blood tests were done on?

Are your cycles regular?

treetroppo Tue 11-Feb-14 19:42:42

hi ohfour, great name - yes had them done day 3 and totally regular well 27-28 day cycle.

ChewyGiraffe Tue 25-Feb-14 10:19:01

Did you find any answers? IMHO I'd say your tests look great. I don't know anything about Oestradiol, but I understand that while FSH can fluctuate a bit +/- each month, anything under 10 is good. However, although I was kicked out of a fertility clinic because my day 3 FSH was 19.5 (aged 43), I then conceived my gorgeous DD naturally the very same month! Ha ha!

I've never had an AMH test but think it estimates quantity (but not quality) of remaining eggs. I found some reference ranges online:

Did you see the TTC over 40 thread at:

ohfourfoxache Tue 25-Feb-14 22:28:08

Chewy speaks a lot of sense

Brilliant that they are day 3 results, and amh looks pretty good.

Have you got an appointment with a specialist?

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