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Let's share cycles!

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MayimBialik Mon 10-Feb-14 22:20:36

I'm basically being nosey as at the moment I can't really tell what my body is doing as it's still regulating (I think) after breastfeeding.

Before I was pregnant last time I had a 32 day cycle and ovulated on day 17. Now I seem to be having 40 day cycles and no idea when I ovulate!

Anyway I have some questions

1) how long is your cycle (if regular)
2) when do you usually ovulate?
3) have you got any children and if so was your cycle different last time you TTC?

Ummm...yeah I think that's it! wink

MayimBialik Mon 10-Feb-14 22:21:46

I'm using a CBFM by the way to try and pinpoint ovulation. I'm currently on CD18 with no sign of any highs or peaks hmm

impatienceisavirtue Mon 10-Feb-14 22:43:41

As ridiculous as it is, until ttc this time around I never had a clue about my cycles. Never knew when I was due on, just that it was about a month later.

I know now as I've become a bit obsessive that I have 28 day cycles and ovulate around CD14. Has been that way since I started ttc except last month I didn't use opks so don't know when I oved and I was 3 day's early

Sparkle9 Tue 11-Feb-14 08:18:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

allchatnicknamesgone Tue 11-Feb-14 10:25:31

Cycle length - 28-29 days long
Ovulation - CD14/CD15

I have a 5 year old daughter. Before I had her my cycles were all over the place and I never kept track of them. Got pregnant with her pretty much instantly.

My periods came back one month after I had her and I've been regular since. Weird! I'm now on cycle 9 of trying.

No rhyme or reason!

Cineraria Tue 11-Feb-14 11:40:00

My cycle has never been regular and varied from 25 to 30 days but as when we decided we'd probably start trying this year I've been trying to identify my ovulation date and that's always been on CD17 even though the cycle length varies. I've heard the length of the second half of the cycle after ovulation is usually constant, so that's a bit puzzling for me. I had a lot of spotting though while I had a copper coil, so maybe I wasn't identifying the start of the new cycle correctly.

I don't have any children so can't comment on how that affects it

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