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my period started when I was in the gym, I am not due and I have an eptopic pregnancy three months ago

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CRP123 Mon 10-Feb-14 21:26:35


I had an ectopic pregnancy three months ago and my Fallopian tube was removed, It was bleeding internally and it turned out to be a bigger op than was expected.

Since then I have had one small 'stop/start' period and last week a 'normal' (for me that is) period if not slightly more painful then normal. tonight I went to the gym and when I was on the running machine I started bleeding. I doesnt feel like a period, I have no cramps or pains etc but there is quite a lot of blood. has this happened to anyone else? should I have worried> I feel fine, tiered but fine but then I dint feel unwell when I had my ectopic pregnancy.
I am having unprotected sex, my period was a bit late last week so I tuck a test and it was negative

please help,

thanks x

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