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First day of 2WW - I'm impatient and it's going to go slow isn't it!?

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urterriblemuriel Mon 10-Feb-14 21:07:53

Trying for DC2 and on my first cycle. Unexpectedly fell straight away with DD so sort if expect that now, but doubt I'll be so lucky. Been at it all weekend and should be ovulating around now.....hopefully (not using a kit - are they any good?). Anyways, any other impatient folk out there in similar boat?? What to do.....? I'm already exhausted with property porn!!

livingthegoodlife Mon 10-Feb-14 21:40:43

im in similiar boat, ttcing no.3, think ov'd some time over weekend but not sure really.

i fell first cycle with my first 2 babies, im on cycle 2 with this one so hoping this month is for us!

im impatient too!

urterriblemuriel Tue 11-Feb-14 09:23:16

Going on your first two experiences I'm sure you'll get a BFP soon. Will you wait to see if AF comes or get testing a bit early?? I'm off to Boots for toddler bits at lunch and thinking I might pick up a test in readiness...or is that tempting fate a bit. Good luck!

Cineraria Tue 11-Feb-14 12:00:16

I'm 3 DPO and feeling really impatient too, which I hadn't expected as I wasn't really feeling as enthusiastic about having a baby before we started as DH is and now he's not feeling impatient at all! It's so hard concentrating at work as it's constantly at the back of my mind.

To pass the time, I'm making a list of things I'll do if I am pregnant and another of things to do if I'm not. More than a bit sad really, but I need to do something!

Definitely get a test; it's not tempting fate as you're likely to need it at some point even if this isn't the lucky month (hope it is though!)

livingthegoodlife Tue 11-Feb-14 20:18:38

i will almost certainly end up testing early, i have bought a load of those cheapy ebay tests so am happy to poas lots of times!

we haven't been that dedicated to ttcing this cycle so i won't be surprised if it is a BFN, will be disappointed though.

why not buy a test? might as well be prepared. you could join me with loads of ebay tests, think i got 20 tests for a couple of quid.

urterriblemuriel Tue 11-Feb-14 21:08:02

Hi cineraria, i totally agree that making a list of what you can do in either scenarios is great. First to mind is a rare night out on the piss with the girls at the end of the month if I get a BFN smile. What's yours? Do you have any DC yet?

Lol livingthegoodlife, I had no idea you could get tests on ebay??! I'm afraid I got sucked into the marketing at boots and spent a tenner on a clear blue digital pick. I really hope I needn't buy any more! You say you've not been dedicated in trying, but I think that can work better e.g. two day breaks in between are meant to be better. I'm gonna DTD again tonight in case I'm ov. late...just in case. Hate not being in control, but then I guess that's all good practice for a newborn!!

livingthegoodlife Tue 11-Feb-14 22:14:14

i also hate not being in control! this is why i hate the tww!!

amylou85 Tue 11-Feb-14 22:28:10

It is the worst. I'm majorly impatient and have found this 2WW to be hell. Symptom spotting, thinking i'm pregnant, then having no symptoms and assuming i'm not....been a roller coaster. I'm due on thursday so 2 days to wait! I'm a late ovulator so no point in me testing early. SO FRUSTRATING! I hope your 2WW's aren't as stressful as mine has been!

Cineraria Wed 12-Feb-14 09:09:35

I certainly can't deny there's alcohol on my "If I'm not" list Urterriblemuriel but most of my friends aren't drinking at the moment due to pregnancy or medical reasons so I'm thinking of persuading DH that we should go somewhere smart for cocktails. He does like them but I think he finds them a bit girly to drink in public, so he might not be keen! Actually, it was about six different kinds of coffee that headed that list! I love coffee but haven't had any this month. So hard! First on the list is a nice Turkish/Arabic style one made with ground cardamom seeds.

This will be my first pregnancy, so I'm looking to you experts to know what symptoms might indicate one thing or another.

I'm a fan of the online sticks too livingthegoodlife. I bought 30 OPKs on Amazon and they came with 10 pregnancy tests too. I can't decide if I wasn't to use them early or just wait and see what happens next Friday. I still feel that if I go to a shop to buy one, the assistant will thinking "I know what you've been up to!" Silly, I know.

Good luck for testing Amylou! Let us know what happens!

urterriblemuriel Wed 12-Feb-14 19:57:39

Oh amylou, tomorrow is the big day then. Really hope it's a BFP, let us know how you get on.

Very much liking your list cineraria! If this will be your first, take every opportunity to go out to such lovely places...having a virgin cocktail whilst pregnant just isn't the same. He can always have a beer if he doesn't want one. I have to admit, I'm eating/drinking as I normally would. Saying that, I'm not downing raw eggs or pints of vino, so think it would be alright if I was preggers.

Regarding symptoms, my discharge has been a bit different this week and normally I'd have the really sticky stuff by now and haven't, but it could just be delayed. I'm also very knackered and have been for last two days but then that could be one of many nursery germs...only time will tell.

Last time the only symptoms I had were a few days before missed AF I woke up with major lower back ache (never had it like that before). I had to hobble into work and was literally like an old lady....someone commented I was holding my back like I was pregnant! I also got very emotional that day but that may be because my back hurt. I didn't expect to be pregnant but took a test as I wanted to take ibuprofen which turned out to be a BFP. Looking back, the pain was caused by my first release/production of that relaxant hormone.

I think everyone is different though and some people notice sore boobs (I never did until birth!), discharge, spotting....nothing as certain as a test though I'm afraid!

livingthegoodlife Wed 12-Feb-14 21:00:28

the only symptoms i had previously were tiredness. that was about it! and i feel like that all the time at the moment with 2 little ones!

i can't decide if im feeling hopeful or not yet. im undecided!

good luck amylou!

and Cineraria - go out as often as you can! perhaps just relish the process of deciding to to out and then leaving the house within 2 minutes. it takes me about 20 mins to leave the house at the moment - firstly coaxing toddler away from toys, tracking down socks and shoes, wrestle wrigglign toddler into said socks and shoes, putting coat on baby - wait she needs changing, encouraging toddler to pee on potty, coat on toddler, run around grabbing spare clothes/potty/nappies/milk etc find the keys, load everyone into the car etc

i think you get the picture!!

NewlymrsB Wed 12-Feb-14 22:26:31

Hi ladies,
First time ttc. This is my 2nd cycle, 1st time with opks. Got a positive yesterday and think I ovulated today. Been bding almost everyday! Trying not to think about it too much but it's soooo hard!! Need to find lots of distractions and must not symptom spot as my body likes to play games!!

Best of luck to u ladies!! smile xx

Cineraria Thu 13-Feb-14 11:53:19

What happened Amylou? Hope it was good news today!

Urterriblemuriel I hope you’re not coming down with something and that you don’t get that awful backache this time. I have the missing mucous thing too but had heard that Pregnacare Conception being blamed for drying people out so I had put it down to that.

If you’d told me how difficult it is to leave the house and I didn’t know you were trying for another, I might have got put off but it must be all worth it really, mustn’t it, or you wouldn’t be wanting another, Livingthegoodlife?

Let’s hope using the OPKs gives you a good result NewlymrsB. I found it really reassuring knowing what was going on throughout.

I have been reading the Wikipedia entry on implantation of the human embryo. Just amazing to think that might be going on inside without us knowing anything. Quite reassuring to know how it all works too, especially how the uterus flattens itself to push the cells into the lining. Not so worried about dislodging it by any kind of activity now. Unusual to get reassured instead of terrified by something on the internet!

urterriblemuriel Thu 13-Feb-14 15:26:12

Welcome newly! Are you still a newly Mrs B? If so, I'm sure you're still shagging lots which can only help conception smile. Good luck too!

Oh yes, amylou - how did you get on?

Oh I know cineraria, it is so amazing and every baby is such a miracle. It's a bit long (nearly an hour) but this documentary is so interesting if ever you get time...

I haven't watched it for a couple of years, and might actually do so again later today.

As livingthegoodlife says, getting out of the door does take on a new meaning (not necessarily in a good way) as there's so much to organise but being a parent is just the best. The hardest job in the world yes, but also the most rewarding smile I'd suggest when pregnant and right upto the birth go out lots... cinema, restaurants, a last holiday, and just enjoy your lie-ins and being able to have slobby days. My DD is 19mo now and we have a local grandparent but getting out at night is still a bit difficult and a meal out with a toddler can be a bit stressful.

The tiredness has continued today and whilst pushing the trolley around Sainsburys I became very aware of my lower tummy area (it was sensitive when the bar pushed against it). Very weird!! I'm trying not to think that I am pregnant, but then I'm quite in tune with my body and I cannot help but notice the changes. I've also woke up for wees in the middle of the night the last two evenings (another indicator apparently) even though I've not drunk much in evening. Hhhmmm, will try not to think about it all too much and will test next Thurs I think.

How's everyone else getting on?

Cineraria Thu 13-Feb-14 18:01:26

That video looks fascinating. I'll definitely watch it.

It's nice you have a local grandparent to help out now and then. Our families are both about 3 hours' drive away, which is a shame as I know they would want to be involved as much as they can and even our friends are scattered across London but most of my friends who've had children say they ended up meeting other local people through various activities related to having the baby, so I'm hoping that we'll happen to us too.

Let's hope the changes you're noticing are a good sign. At least it's less than a week to wait now until testing. I've got my senses working overtime noticing any tiny change but then keep trying to think of an alternative explanation for anything I notice anyway. It's like my brain is playing symptom tennis!

livingthegoodlife Thu 13-Feb-14 19:34:40

i absolutely love my kids and i honestly don't think it as hard as some people make out, you just kind of adapt to a different way of living - and you learn to become a lot more organised!

i don't feel any symptoms at all. wish i did!

RhiBee29 Thu 13-Feb-14 20:05:00

Hi all, 3dpo today trying not to get my hopes up but trying to stay positive...a delicate balance. Cannot believe I'm Symptom spotting already but (and sorry if tmi) I am super windy and bloated, could this be a sign?Am I mad?

My stats are ttc#1 cycle 2. Followed SMEP this month and did some secret cycling when DH went to the loo.

Cineraria Thu 13-Feb-14 21:31:15

That's so nice to hear livingthegoodlife. I think I will need to learn to be more flexible too. Living on my own for the best part of twenty years got me into the habit of expecting everything to be just how I want it and DH is so laid back that living with him isn't much different. I'm sure having children will change that.

Rhibee, how did you find doing SMEP? We did that too and it wasn't as tiring/unromantic as we'd expected, although we really weren't in the mood for the last one as it didn't seem to have a purpose so far after ovulation. Luckily the relevant body parts were more on message than our minds! Let's hope it works out well.

RhiBee29 Thu 13-Feb-14 21:49:35

Last SMEP tomoro, glad to have a day off. It wasn't too romantic but enjoyable wink May get tiring if TTC goes on for a few more cycles. Off on hols on weds and bfp due the day after we get back so hoping 2ww will fly by.

urterriblemuriel Fri 14-Feb-14 13:58:31

Hi Rhibee, lol, I think we've all done that cycling smile I was less discrete with my DH, ha ha. I've never heard of SMEP before, so had a google - blimey, that's a lot of DTD!! Last one of the cycle goes well with valentines. Regarding symptoms, bloating can be one - are there any others?

As time's passing, I'm thinking more and more that I am. Alongside other symptoms, I've got a mouth like a badgers arse today and whilst I'm mega thirsty, no drink with quench it or take the taste away. I also feel queasy and bought my DH a lovely bottle of Barolo for tonight's tea and I really don't fancy a glass (the most surprising symptom)!! I've only got those expensive pregnancy tests (twin pack) and not sure when they will start to work/pick up hormone? Thinking of testing early now!

Cineraria Fri 14-Feb-14 14:38:16

Oh urterriblemuriel, that's exciting! I don't blame you for wanting to test early, given what you're feeling. Maybe order some cheap ones if you don't want to waste the expensive ones. I think some of the ebay sellers have a one day dispatch policy so it should be with you before you need it.

Probably a good thing if pregnancy stops you liking wine, I suppose!

How nice to be heading off on holiday when the weather's like this, RhiBee! Hope you'll enjoy it and forget all about the waiting.

I seem to be having alternate days of feeling certain I am pregnant and then convinced I'm not. Today's a "not" day.

RhiBee29 Fri 14-Feb-14 19:19:20

Very much looking forward to a little break but according to the weather forecast I'm going to be swapping rain for snow!

Anyone know the earliest dpo that you can test? Is 10dpo too soon. I'll be 10dpo the day I go away and debating probably will testing before I go to avoid the wine or no wine dilemma!

cineraria I know what you mean I just don't "feel" upduffed!

livingthegoodlife Fri 14-Feb-14 20:25:59

i would def test at 10dpo, i tested today at 7dpo blush im a sucker for poas

still no symptoms or 'hunchs'

RhiBee29 Fri 14-Feb-14 20:47:13

Mother Nature should have given us an inbuilt alarm system that goes off as soon as we get upduffed...missed a trick there! I wish I could just "know". Glad I'm not the only one testing ridiculously early grin

Cineraria Sat 15-Feb-14 03:10:38

Good idea to test before you go RhiBee in the absence of Mother Nature spotting your good idea and giving us a small flashing light in the belly button or something. I have heard plenty of people say they got faint lines at 10 DPO and at least then you won't be wishing the days away until you can test instead of enjoying your trip.

I'm sure it doesn't hurt to get some practice in early livingthgoodlife! My strips were calling to me from the bathroom cabinet too this morning but luckily I had to catch an earlier train than usual so didn't have time to give in to them. I will try and hold off until next Friday but not sure I'll make it!

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