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Newbie here, could use some advice about dates and testing

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Snowflake27 Mon 10-Feb-14 18:35:38

Hi All, so Im new to all this TTC milarky and Im trying to figure out when I should test.
I came off the pill January 3rd and had a withdrawal bleed - i Presume- the next day for 5 days. I then had what I would call a proper period 2 weeks later 27th-31st January. So presuming I had a normal 28 day cycle, would I be right in thinking I could test/would be due AF around the 23rd of this month?
Obviously I am aware that my cycles probably will need more time to settle down but I have a whole pack of Internet cheapies that I am dying to try out! Don't want to test early when there is no point though.
I have had mild cramps for the past few days which I would associate with my AF a couple of weeks after - Im taking this as a good sign!!
If you do have very irregular cycles and that is normal for you would you just test every few weeks?!?
Any advice welcome!

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