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PCOS - is it 'cured' after birth?

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milkyman Mon 10-Feb-14 14:20:17

i have pcos and gave birth 1,5 yrs ago, periods fairly regular 38days ish which is an improvement on 2 a year. took clomid to conceive. does this mean i am ovulating though???

littlebluedog12 Mon 10-Feb-14 14:24:53

Mine was! Pre-DD1 I had about 2 periods a year and it took 5 cycles of clomid to conceive. After she was born my cycles were approx 38 days. It took 2 months to get pregnant naturally with DD2 grin

Now that we're not planning any more kids I have a regular 30 day cycle angry. I'd happily go back to twice a year!

naty1 Mon 10-Feb-14 15:56:19

Mine wasnt.
But i suppose it may depend on why you had it , what your individual symptoms were.
I have insulin resistance, cysts on ovaries and irregular cycles.
No particular weight gain, very little excess hair.
I wonder if its just you got older, as your fsh gets higher as you age it could become more equal to lh.
How old are you now?
But i suspect if i took metformin and now im on thyroxine i might improve

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