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TTC during PhD??

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lollydollydrop Mon 10-Feb-14 00:01:59

Hello all,

I'm just wondering whether any of you ladies are TTC whilst currently a PhD student?

I am in my first year, will be 29 this June and unsure whether to start TTC before I graduate, when I graduate (age 32) or even wait till I have been working a year.

Would be good to meet similar ladies x

Baxter2014 Mon 10-Feb-14 09:07:29

Hi Lolly

I am not doing a PhD but I am doing a medical degree whilst TTC. I am 32 and half way through my course. We thought about waiting until I graduated but by that stage I would be 34 and we did not want to risk leaving it too late, particularly if we wanted more than one. I am glad we started now as its taking longer than I thought confused 9 months and counting with one MC (this month is my month for sure!!). I think there are a number of things you should consider:

[1] Can you survive financially without your funding?
[2] How easy is it to have a year out? Would you have to or could you just take a few months?
[3] How would you feel about going back to it? I worry about baby brain affecting my ability to study - its already hard enough as it is and my old brain isn't what it used to be so god knows how it will be after a baby!
[4] If you wait till afterwards, how will you feel about getting a new job and having to leave early on to have a baby?

TBH only you can answer these questions. I think the key point is do whats right for you. 32 isn't too old to start TTC but I am also of the belief that there is never a 'perfect' time, life will always get in the way so if you feel ready, and it makes sense, go for it. I am hopefully going to get PG soon and then take a year out from my studies (the length of time will depend on the stage I am at). Luckily my DH has a decent job and we can survive without my funding.

Good luck!

naty1 Mon 10-Feb-14 10:11:20

I also think depends on how many kids you want ideally.
I think fertility for both men and women drops around 35.
We waited until 29 ended up having ivf (over 2 years after starting ttc) due to pcos and low sperm count neither of which we knew about.
I know 3 other couples who had ivf and 1 that had clomid.
Lots of others who i think got pg naturally in 30s but you just dont know which you are till you try.
We are now doing ivf 2 privately for no2 costing over 4-6k with 20-40% chance of working.
Could you access a university creche?
Can grandparents babysit while you study.
You get 15 hours childcare from age 3 (at the moment)

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