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Really broody age 35 hv got 2 dds already

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fairyhellokitty Sun 09-Feb-14 20:38:02

Have 2 dds age 5 and 8
Really broody for dc3
Pros and cons

Cons -

Money would be tight
Girls would hv to share a bedroom currently have one each
Dh not keen atall

Lady84 Sun 09-Feb-14 22:34:09

This could be written by me...

I change my mind every day!

basia2 Mon 10-Feb-14 00:09:21

You have to do what your heart tells you, when it comes to creating your family.
If your heart is telling you there's room for one more, I'd listen.
I've never heard of anyone regretting having a child, once it was all said and done... but many women in their 40s regret not having that one last baby.
In ten years, it will well and truly be too late, so jump on it while you still can, I say!
Hopefully your husband will come around.

fairyhellokitty Mon 10-Feb-14 11:04:03

Dh not on board

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