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Ovulation a few days after period ends???

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Hfigx Sun 09-Feb-14 14:34:08

Hi, i have irregular cycles and from my last period it was 44 days,
Anyway I got my period on Tuesday the 4th feb and came off properly today.. Sunday 9th feb.
Friday I brought some clear blue opks to try pin point when I would be ovulating... Took one that night And as I suspected it was negative ( no smiley face ) so today as a laugh I took one this morning and to my surprise my parter started screaming that it was a flashing smiley ( highly fertile )
Now is this even possible to be fertile after my period ?
This happened to anyone else?

TheBuggerlugs Sun 09-Feb-14 14:39:01

It sounds to me like by using them at totally different times of the day it's reading a peak when it's probably just the normal LH surge you get every morning which is why most OPKs shouldn't be used on a morning.

Hfigx Sun 09-Feb-14 14:48:04

I used it at around half 12 ( I still class that as morning)

Hibou7688 Sun 09-Feb-14 15:42:47

I bought some of these and used them after my last period. I got the flashing face from day 9. Seven days later it was still flashing and i ran out of tests so never actually saw a peak!

TheBuggerlugs Sun 09-Feb-14 15:43:17

But it's not the first wee of the day, unless you have a bladder if steel.

Please do read the instructions op otherwise you are wasting both your money and your time.

AttilaTheMeerkat Sun 09-Feb-14 15:59:56

OPKs are useless to use when the menstrual cycle is irregular and are thus more prone to giving you false readings. Please do not waste your cash on such things.

If your cycle is normally around 44 days it is likely that you are not ovulating regularly. A "normal" cycle is a cycle length of between 21 and 35 days.

Conditions like PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) produce higher than normal levels of LH: it is likely that the kit you are using is just reading that excess level.

Hfigx Sun 09-Feb-14 16:44:44

I've been tested for pocs I haven't got it. But thanks knew I shouldn't get my hopes up

TheBuggerlugs Sun 09-Feb-14 17:03:25

I was tested for PCOS by my GP too, and it came back negative.....18 months and 3 miscarriages later the specialists at the fertility clinic scanned me and the first thing they told me was that I had PCOS. I'd go back to your GP and ask to be referred to the local assisted conception or fertility clinic for more thorough tests or do what I did and find out the name of the consultant specialist at your nearest clinic and pay for a one off appointment.

Hfigx Sun 09-Feb-14 19:00:55

I just find it strange as I have all the cm leading up to ovulation...

TheBuggerlugs Sun 09-Feb-14 19:15:54

But it doesn't mean you ovulate, it just means your body is getting ready to ovulate.

I've just finished my 1st cycle of IVF and leading up to egg collection I had it pouring out of me. There was physically no way for me to ovulate as I was 100% controlled by hormones but I still had it due to the FSH I was injecting.

The female body is a complex thing and the hormones secreted amazing and frustrating at the same time.

You need to start a symptom diary from cd1 and write in it daily whilst using the OPKs and or temping for at least 3 months to really get to know your cycle. Pay attention to every little detail but don't read anything into it. Make it a project and have sex 2-3 times a week.

nichib83 Sun 09-Feb-14 20:04:51

Yes! My grandad used to work away and was only back at end of the month - when my nan go her period!! She always swore that's when she got pregnant - 6 times. Plus, I have read that it's not common but entirely possible!

Hfigx Sun 09-Feb-14 21:24:46

We'll thanks nich and for the past year I've been keeping track of my body and my cycles. Have a huge calendar full of symptoms and changes. I Spose everyone is different and won't ever know until a few days time. Hopefully I won't need to go trough all the Ivf trouble as I wouldn't want to do that. Just I Spose I need to keep my fingers crossed and see what the week holds

MikeLitoris Sun 09-Feb-14 21:27:10

I ovulate early. Usually about cd9-10.

Dd2 was conceived on cd9.

Hfigx Sun 09-Feb-14 21:41:05

Did you have long cycles tho ?

MikeLitoris Sun 09-Feb-14 21:47:19

My cycle is 32 days.

Hfigx Sun 09-Feb-14 23:51:37

That's ok. I'm just thinking if I ovulate very early that's the reason I ain't conceived... My partner Dosent touch me until a good week after I've finished my period.

allchatnicknamesgone Mon 10-Feb-14 11:27:29

If you've been tracking everything for a year, OP, do you know how long your LP is?
It would be very odd to ovulate this early, if you do have long and irregular cycles as the LP shouldn't be any longer than 16 days I believe (but Pls double check that as I'm not 100% sure).
I know you've been to GP before, but maybe re-tests are needed?
Good luck.

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