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GreenTeddyBear Sat 08-Feb-14 23:00:03

Hi all, new to here but have lurked for the past few months as I am ttc my first.

Okay so, I had the implant for four years roughly and had it removed three months ago. Things got back to normal quite swiftly and I ovulated roughly ten days ago by dates. I've done the deed regularly this month as hubby was feeling quite frisky and also managed to surrounding suspected ovulation date.

Okay so! I had some icky snotty cm today and yesterday. It's enough to make me feel wet down there. I have been checking cm regularly and could not notice much if any this cycle up until now but surely it's too late for ovulation now as my cycles prior to this one have been very similar.

I really really want to test but holding off until af due date to avoid disappointment. Is this a sign of early pregnancy or is it too soon!? I otherwise feel today very "full" and a little sicky today with a cold and seem to be feeling quite warm which is not like me at all. My boobs don't hurt and I have not noticed much else.

Any information would be greatly appreciated and I know none of you can tell me if I am or not but anything to stop me going crazy until I can test would be sooooo good!!

Thanks all x

rosiegal Sun 09-Feb-14 09:48:50

A test is the only way to tell one eay or another, if ovulation was 10 days ago then it may still be too early if implantation hasn't yet occured. Nobody likes a BFN so hold out to test if you can!
I got my BFP friday which was quite a surprise as I've been convinced I'm not ovulating following the pill, came of September 2013. My first indication was waking up last Monday at 4am with the most horrendous sore throught and I've had a stinking cold all week, generally feeling shitty and vaguely nauseous when thinking of/eating food. I was also checking CM regularly not realising it had happened, it was quite sticky and globby, sometimes snotty (tmi sorry) Still no idea when I actually ovulated.....
Fingers crossed for you xx

GreenTeddyBear Sun 09-Feb-14 10:04:02

Thanks for the reply!

I'm terribly new to all of this and I think I am just looking for symptoms really! Cm is as you describe but if you say it's too early still then I am not really sure what to think! I can test at the end of the week so hoping for good news. Me and hubs decided that we would ttc without too much science other than tracking my ov dates on an app for six months before we get into temping etc but I feel like I'm letting him down already by checking my cm and looking up symptoms on the net. Aaaahhhhhh I'm just so excited.

GreenTeddyBear Sun 09-Feb-14 10:04:30

Oh and congrats on your bfp!!

rosiegal Sun 09-Feb-14 10:24:13

Thanks, now the panic sets in over something going wrong..
Yes its so easy to symptom spot but it really doesnt help. When I stopped the pill I had lots of pregnancy symptoms but I think that was just my body readjusting after about 10 years + on contraception (I'm 31) I bought OPKs, a BBT thermometer (thats still in the box by the way) Pregnacare supplements, Pre seed (also not used) Agnus Castus (ditto) A book: the impatient womans guide to getting pregnant (quite amusing) I managed the OPKs for about a month but got fed up. So my advise is to spend a small fortune on crap 'just in case' then you should get your BFP in no time at all x

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