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You know that thing about a pregnancy tests

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CareBearWithFangs Sat 08-Feb-14 12:34:52

That a positive is a positive even if it's faint? How true is this?

I think I might have got a bfp this morning but it was really really faint. I'm terrified of getting my hopes up in case it's not. DP is just assuming it isn't and said to test again in a few days.

impatienceisavirtue Sat 08-Feb-14 12:35:58

Yep!! Congrats !!

cookielove Sat 08-Feb-14 12:37:03

On my profile there ia a photo of a faint positive. Which is a real positive. Congratulations smile

MyNameIsKenAdams Sat 08-Feb-14 12:37:44

A faint is a line.

A line means pg.


Armadale Sat 08-Feb-14 12:38:06

A line is a line.

Congratulations. grin

CareBearWithFangs Sat 08-Feb-14 12:38:36

Argh!!! grin

Still trying to keep calm and realistic and not get my hopes up too much just in case. But Ahhhhhh!!!!! grin

eurochick Sat 08-Feb-14 13:47:53

If there's no HCG in your system you won't get any kind of line, so a faint positive is a positive.

willitbe Sat 08-Feb-14 14:08:54

As long as the line appeared within the time-frame stipulated by the test, and has colour in it, then it is a positive test, and congratulations!

CareBearWithFangs Sun 09-Feb-14 07:05:26

I've just done another test this morning and it's definitely a BFP!

Whoop! Thank you for all your replies yesterday smile

littlemisswine Sun 09-Feb-14 07:43:16

congratulations, what test did you use?

CareBearWithFangs Sun 09-Feb-14 09:14:29

The clear blue ones. I might do man other test in a few days just to be sure.

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