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Clomid for second child (and NHS care path)

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Mabs81 Fri 07-Feb-14 21:05:48

This is my first ever post so please bear with me - I thought I'd ask you all about your experience of the NHS care path and clomid, so here goes!

I have a history of low oestrogen and progesterone levels, which my consultant is calling polycystic ovaries. I have a 17 month girl, who was conceived on Clomid, but now we are trying naturally to have a second child (12 months without success so far). Since our first child we've moved to a new area and so have been referred to a new consultant. For our first consultation, the consultant was actually away so we got to see the Registrar instead (who didn't seem to fully understand me and my medical history). So he has now referred us for a variety of tests (whcih repeat all the tests we had prior to the first child). These include HSG, Ultrasound and Bloods. We don't really expect to learn anything new since he first lot of tests and don't want to unnecessarily burden the NHS with expensive tests. So we asked the Registrar whether we could proceed straight to a new prescription for clomid. However, we've been told that we must first have to enter what is a long waiting list for these tests. I'm 33 and want to push on.

Does anyone have a similar experience of this? I.e. is the Registrar correct in making us repeat all of the steps we went through with the first child (i.e. the NHS care path in full)? Or has anyone had a more pragmatic consultant who has moved you straight onto Clomid?

Many thanks in anticipation!

naty1 Fri 07-Feb-14 21:45:44

We did a second ivf private and had to do an internal scan of ovaries sue to pcos and comunicable disease bloods.
But not cd2 and 21 as werent needed.
How long is the waiting list cant gp do bloods?
I went to hospital and didnt have to pay but DH had to pay at gps about £100 if was about £200 for scan at fertility clinic.
Could you not pay if it is a long wait?
Pregnancy can alter things
Im now ob thyroxine for underactive thyroid

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