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Feedback in Lister, Guy's ACU, CRM Care, or CRGH (formerly ACU at UCG) for IVF

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proudcatlady Fri 07-Feb-14 13:02:08

My first post here on mumsnet smile Background: I'm 34 (nearly 35), DH is 32. Been trying for over 13 months, did all the NHS tests to check if we had any irregularity and was told all was fine (I was diagnosed with PCOs but seem to have a 'mild' case bc I have no problem ovulating, DH's SA was fine).

Decided to start fertility clinic research as for my borough I'd have to try for 3 years before becoming eligible for NHS funded fertility treatment. If I was younger, I'd probably keep trying naturally until 2 years.. but bc I'm close to 35 I feel it's time to take a more active approach.

In my research (predominately hfea site and googling review). I've narrowed down my choices to the clinics on the title..

So if you live in London and had any experiences with any of these, I'd LOVE to hear!

The reason why I'm personally considering them is:

- IVF success rates (although I have to wait for the consultation to see if I may do one round of IUI first)
- Lister: not as successful as CRGH (or CRM I think), but great reviews
- CRGH: great success, good reviews, and although not immediately next door to where i live, easy for me to get to.
- CRM Care: pretty good success and I like the fact that they are a 'confined' clinic not a part of a big hospital. Feels intimate. good feeling from their open night.
- Guy's ACU: pretty good success rates, main draw for me is that it's the closest/most convenient to where I live.

Thanks in advance ladies!

proudcatlady Fri 07-Feb-14 13:02:41

Sorry, typo! meant to say ACU at UCH not UCG smile

time2deal Fri 07-Feb-14 13:39:00

Hi, I can give some feedback on the Lister. I don't recognise the other acronyms! But I did also go to Chelsea and Westminster ACU.

Lovely clinic. You always get scanned by the same person, although you will see a range of nurses. They always seem to know your history, so no need to keep reminding them of x or y. The consultants are very nice, and realistically optimistic, which is important to me. The EC is done under a general, and on that day you get a room to hang out in. Plus lunch afterwards. I've been in lots of hospitals recently, and I can tell you the food at the Lister is excellent!

Personally I love a good general, so it's worth it to me. It's a very mild general (a 'twilight') so the recovery is quick and easy.

On the negative side, I didn't get pregnant there, but really for reasons outside their control. I have a dozen frozen embies there as there were two incomplete IVF cycles. Both stopped at EC stage.

It's pricey, but I think consistent with London prices. One slight annoyance is that blood tests aren't included in the fee, so you end up paying £50 each visit for the oestrogen test. Which is about 4-5 times.

They don't do EEVA or embryoscope.

Open long hours, so I could normally get my scans done at 8.30ish, which is good for work.

C&W ACU: Much smaller clinic. There were only 2 people on my EC and ET days. Different scanning person each time, but as there are only 2-3 nurses you see the same one most of the time.

EC done under sedation. No EEVA or embryoscope here either.

Harder to get appointments. They always seemed to be at 10am, and it's an annoying location. Plus the pharmacy takes AGES - like over an hour to get a bl**dy script done! But, I am pregnant!! So all is forgiven. I actually prefer C&W in the end, smaller, but feels a little more personal.

Sorry for the essay!

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