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Fab Forty-Plus! Where are the BFPs...

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JBrd Fri 07-Feb-14 08:50:02

To keep this thread going, proving support to all of those of a 'riper vintage' wishing for a baby...

I have received so much help, advice and support here, so although I technically have graduated, I thought I'd get the next thread going to keep the momentum.

JollyJollyWellGoingForIt Fri 07-Feb-14 09:17:47

Thankyou JBrd for the new thread and for your good wishes. I can't bring myself to test yet. I think I'm going to wait another day, although that may change as I get more impatient! I do rather like the term 'riper vintage' smile

Tadpole2013 Fri 07-Feb-14 12:08:07

Thank you, JBrd!
Just marking my place.

Grizzer Fri 07-Feb-14 20:22:46

I'm here too! Thanks JBrd 12dpo for me. Have had some back ache & indigestion today so started wondering.... Really need to start keeping note of these things because it probably happens every month but I push it to the back of mind & start each month like it's my first!! Stupid stupid x

diege Fri 07-Feb-14 20:24:39

Marking my place too as one of the resident cheerleading team smile

notsoold Fri 07-Feb-14 23:01:10

May I mark my place as cheerleader with diege ???

diege Sat 08-Feb-14 06:58:36

<shakes pompoms> How are things notsoold?? smile

calibee Sat 08-Feb-14 07:02:01

Jusy saying hello. Not a lot to report symptoms. Some good news though....i've been offereda great job. I'm just waiting on my start date.

Irishmammybread Sat 08-Feb-14 07:08:11

Hope this thread is lucky for everyone trying for a BFP!
Another cheer leader here!
Congratulations on your new job CaliBee x

sandgrown Sat 08-Feb-14 07:13:32

Good luck all. I had a natural conception at 45. I put it down to playing netball for years!smile

jass43 Sat 08-Feb-14 07:30:51

Found you! hey to cheerleading team! And good luck with new great job, Calibee! something to keep your mind focussed elsewhere and while I am totally not of the school "it will happen when you do not have time to think of it " I believe having a good distraction while ttc is good for staying sane!

my distraction is bad back pain at the moment. It helps to be reminded of the advanced age when you are still ttc at 44:-))) Am also considering going low carb, but am slightly afraid of getting the diet mentality.....

Tadpole2013 Sat 08-Feb-14 08:05:47

Good morning, fab forty plusses!

Congrat CaliBee!

sand great inspiration! My gynae said I can confidently try up to 45! I thought he was taking the piss!

Hi diege!

JollyJollyWellGoingForIt Sat 08-Feb-14 08:34:56

Well done CaliBee. Thankyou all cheerleaders smile we need you! I'm sobbing into my cornflakes this morning. The exciting temp rise on CD28 has been followed by a precipitous drop today, CD29. It can only be AF now, after I was so happy yesterday thinking this was my month!

Morien Sat 08-Feb-14 11:12:50

Another cheerleader here! Here's hoping this new thread will bring lots of BFPs.

It's my due date tomorrow - don't think LO knows that though...

Cali, congratulations on your new job thanks

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

willitbe Sat 08-Feb-14 14:23:12

Morien - wow your due date came round fast (or perhaps that is just me feeling time is flying!) I hope that the LO doesn't keep you waiting too much longer. And look forward to hearing your announcement. thanks

<big wave> hi Deige and notsoold wine

Irishmammy - how are you doing?

JBd - think I will be keeping you company on other threads for a bit. When is your first scan?

Gum - just in case you are lurking, I am thinking of you, and hope that the stepping away from ttc is going ok for you. thanks

Sandgrown - I have just got a natural conception now age 46, but I can't say it was netball for me grin

Hi to everyone else, I hope this thread brings you all BFP's soon.

Inshock73 Sat 08-Feb-14 15:07:35

Hi all, thanks for starting up the new thread JBrd, I want to stick with the cheerleading squad!

Am I right in thinking a few amongst us are now expecting??

Grizzer Sat 08-Feb-14 18:52:48

sigh I'm getting very mild AF cramps & have been for a couple of days. Not due til weds so I'm still hoping it's 'nestling in' sensations!! Accidently popped in to superdrug to buy a couple of tests today but will not test til Wednesday. Ahem.
I have been peeing on cheapy ov sticks though. Not a sign of a line. Dtd loads this month, had acupuncture & used preseed!! I think it's going to hit me hard this month. Boo hoo x

notsoold Sun 09-Feb-14 00:48:27

deige nobody told J about sleeping!!! But we are well thank you!!! You???
morien baby is coming , baby is coming!!!!
irish how are things with you and LO

jass I am Lcing and just finished my 2 week!!! Hard work giving up sugar!!! I still have to bake cakes and breads for family!

jolly. It does hit us hard when we realize that was not our month. A good cry is ok and for me used to be really necessary to release the frustation/anger/desire to kick someone....may I offer my hand ??? many weeks are you??

Should we do a count of how many preggers ATM we have in our mist??? Might motivate others... ( tell me off if I am wrong)

* hopeful* if you are reading...hugs,hugs, hugs!!

* cali* wonderful news!!! My job seems to be disappearing during my maternity leave..: (

jbrd are you still keeping head buried in sand. I can sit with you....

Well girlies ...the cheerleaders pompoms are ready!!!

Love to all I haven't mentioned!!!

Irishmammybread Sun 09-Feb-14 07:04:47

Good morning !
notsoold hope you're managing to get some sleep,good to hear that J is doing well.
willitbe how are you feeling? I had another scan at hospital last week,I'm being monitored quite closely due to my "advanced maternal age"!!! All looked normal for 29 weeks and LO is growing well. I've been given an appointment to come in for induction on my due date, it makes it all seem very real. (I'll be 46 by then too!)
Morien due today!! I hope everything goes well for you,we will be waiting for your announcement! x
JBrd how are things with you?
Jolly and Grizzer sorry you feel it's not your month.
Tadpole ,for more inspiration, my cousin and his wife have just announced they're expecting, both mid forties,natural conception!
Hi Diege, Jass, gum (if you're lurking!) and everyone else

jass43 Sun 09-Feb-14 09:04:46

pregnant are (at least, add where i miss some):

Morien (40weeks)
Irish (29 weeks)
Mozarella (24?)
Willitbe (about 10?)
JBrd (6 weeks)

Please add the others, if we have some

hopefulgum Sun 09-Feb-14 10:39:18

shhh....still lurking in the shadows! Hanging around in case Morien's wee babe surfaces soon (very excited! can't wait!)

I don't know why my mumsnet name is "hopefulgum*, it should be hopelesscasegum because I am in 2ww again (9dpo) and experience bloody symptoms! I have tried my darndest to fight off any niggling suspicions but it just isn't working.

I've had the damned things month after month, so I should know better, however this time, I haven't had sore breasts from ovulation onwards (which I always do). This time tender boobs didn't surface til 7 dpo. I have also had a funny taste in my mouth in the late afternoon which leads to nausea unless I eat (so, so reminiscent of when I was preg). Also two nights in a row I have super vivid dreams about a baby.

I think if I am going to give up ttc I will have to give up sex around ovulation time because I still symptom spot and wonder. confused

Like I said...hopeless case hmm

Cali, would love to hear more about your job.

irish, so pleased all is well!

Slinking back to the shadows.....

Grizzer Sun 09-Feb-14 11:33:22

Ah hopeful we are all the same. I've had early AF cramps which seem to have stopped today. I have told myself not to think about it because I have had exactly the same thing for the last few months. cramps + no cramps = AF but still I think 'ooh no cramps, AF isn't coming!' It's our natural hopefulness that makes all of us feel hopeless when AF shows her ugly face!!
Your symptoms sound positive so don't give up hope.
I always find the first week of the tww goes really quickly & the 2nd one takes a life time.
cali congrats on the job. That definitely means you'll get pg soon!!
Jolly sorry you think you're out too. It's so much worse when we get a little sign to tease us.
So good to read about the pregnancies though, it gives us all hope. morien looking forward to hearing your news very soon.
Well, I'm spending the day snuggled up on the sofa with dd who has thrown up all her breakfast this morning! She seems to have made a complete recovery but we're enjoying watching DVDs & doing nothing while the wind howls around us.
Happy Sunday everyone xx

Tadpole2013 Sun 09-Feb-14 12:38:42

Oh hopeful!!! Me knew youse was lurking! smile But thank you so much for posting! And those symptoms. I hate most that after my mc I now have pg symptoms every month. Minus the sore boobs. So when that happens, I'll probably go madder than usual!

Thanks Irish I love the prospect of knowing I don't have to give up soon but on the other hand, this whole ttc thing has taken over my life! At least we went ahead and got the house. Now I'm torn about looking for a new job because I wouldn't want to lose out on maternity leave and pay! Which over here is 12 months!

Grizzer fingers crossed. If I ovulated on Wednesday, as I thought due to the symptoms, I'm now officially in the 2ww. And you know what that means!

Morien BABY! BABY! BABY! smile OMG! This is crazy exciting!

Happy Sunday!

JollyJollyWellGoingForIt Sun 09-Feb-14 12:49:30

Thankyou so much notso <squeezes hand> and Irish and Grizzer <has another quick sob coz people are so nice round here> . AF arrived just a couple of hours after the temp drop reading. Grizzer you're right, the tease makes it so much harder to bear.

hopeful i would say it was REALLY difficult to stop thinking about it, even if you gave up sex at O time I'm sure there would still be all sorts of twinges and niggles that would appear as symptoms to worry about!!

Decided my 'thing to try' this month will be a switch to organic milk. Will continue with my vit B6, C & E and folic acid. I just read that dark chocolate was good for TTC and I don't have any objections to trying that either! My luteal phase was only 9 days this month sad. Has anyone tried Wild Yam? I thought I might try this or eventually get myself some Agnus Castus. You can tell, I'm panicking again... It's my "1 year TTC" anniversary. Not something to celebrate.

greenlizard Sun 09-Feb-14 13:21:58

Found you! A shiny new thread for new BFP's (that stick please!)

Congratulations to the recently pregnant jbrd and wilitbe – rooting for you both and have everything crossed. Continued good luck to those who are trundling through their pregnancies. Morien – I can't believe you are due. I await with bated breath for her arrival grin. How are you doing Mozz? You have had a rough old ride so far but it sounds so positive – hope you have a more relaxed pregnancy going forward.

Calibee – tell us about the job – sound great and perhaps just what you need to make you feel a bit more settled especially when DH is away and out of contact. My hat is off to you both – it must be hard to be separate but how lovely when he comes home grin Agree that it would be perfect for an immediate conception grin

hopeful glad you are still lurking! You don't have to give it all up over night – a slow approach might be what is best for you? Symptoms spotting is such a time consuming habit isn't it – I wish I could just spend the 2WW thing of other things and then POAS at the end (only once) and be done with it.

I am on my second cycle of since the MC and it has gone awry! I was hoping that that after having a natural MC it would see my cycles get back normal quite quickly. I ovulated day 20 after my MC but this month has been all over the place. I have had +ve OPK's since CD9! shock. I went on a trip to Mexico around CD23 so with the time difference my temps were up (along with my hopes of having ovulated) but crashed back down when I got back to the UK. Now FF thinks I ovulated CD29 but personally think that it is more likely to be CD31 (if at all). My ridiculous chart is here if anyone wants a look at it and offer opinion/advice .I had three days of -ve OPK's but today I got another strong positive -WTF!? hmm. So I also did a HPT (thank god for IC!) and got a super faint line – my heart nearly stopped but on closer inspection look it looked like an evap line so did two more and they were obvious bfn sad.

I have been waiting for my test results from Professor Regans office before seeing her again. The scan showed nothing untoward that would affect my chances of MC – debate about my right ovary again. I also have an appointment with the NHS recurrent miscarriage clinic but am not sure if I should go there whilst seeing Prof. Regan? I don't want to use an appointment someone else could have but equally if I manage to get up the duff again I would like to be on their books for regular scans/care etc. What do you think?

I have the house to myself today and plan to do some cooking (chicken and leek pie for dinner tonight with a cherry crumble for desert) and just general pottering about. The weather outside is vile so I am happy to be inside nice and warm.

ps. Grizzer glad DD is feeling better and I hope AF stays away!

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