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Trying for a baby

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Jessica279 Thu 06-Feb-14 15:46:13

Hi all , I found this website few days ago and was so happy to find to of ladies sharing their experiences and stories.

To cut it short lol , I am 31 and I am trying for a baby only for the last month, my husband is 35 and he did the sperm check and it was low but that day he was ill .

I want to know if he does this check again and his sperms are low , can we still conceive ?

Also I am trying clear blue digital kit , is it any good ? Is it accurate. The reason I decided to use it is that my period is not regular. (Sometimes 3 days late) , usually it is on the 25th each month.

Shall I take any vitamins or medecines while trying to conceive ? I am taking folic acid only .

SoonToBeSix Thu 06-Feb-14 15:51:35

Don't know anything about low sperm count sorry
Can highly recommend clear blue digital I got pregnant with twins the first month I used it grin
Folic acid is fine until you get a bfp then switch to pregnancy vitamins.
I would also recommend pre seed.

naty1 Thu 06-Feb-14 18:53:08

Some people do conceive with low counts i suppose it depends how low.
They may recommend ivf or icsi. Which can work with only enough good ones for each egg

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