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When did you go and speak to someone?

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nicx240187 Thu 06-Feb-14 11:53:34

Right here goes ...
We are ttc I've been off the pill a while periods are frequent and 34 days.
I'm using opks and getting strange results (2peaks a month) in a lot of pain during ovulation. Then af arrives.
Every month as I'm sure you all do you are convinced that the new symptom you have is not af related and this is the month.

I've been speaking with my mum as I am getting very low. Today she enlightened me to the fact of she has pcos and endometriosis. Both of which made her have multi miscarriages and eventually a full hysterectomy. (I was pretty much an Ivf baby)

Now I'm stressing as we're having difficulties, we've not been trying for a year yet (prob 8months)But now due to a few symptoms I have and the new family history I'm going out of my mind.

I know it sounds stupid but all I want is my baby. I have a very supportive husband who I love to pieces but we both agree were ready now.
Once I have the baby I'm leaving work and will be a stay at home mum with a small business on the side and I cannot wait.

All off my friends are having babies now and seem to be getting pregnant so quickly and seem shocked when I'm having issues. It never helps when I look after their kids and they all say I'm a natural and will make a great mum.

I know lots of you out there have been at this game a lot longer than me and you all deserve an award. How do you keep so strong?

What's next?
Thank you in advance for the replys

Lovinglife123 Thu 06-Feb-14 11:57:45

I'd say go to your GP and get the ball rolling on tests etc if your concerned. I don't know how it all works though?
I think the GP has to know you've been trying for 1 year- so maybe they log that first visit as 12 months from then? I'm not sure ???
Definitely know how your are feeling sad seems everyone's getting pregnant out of my friends but just not happening for us yet either. Don't worry your not the only one ... Xxxx

naty1 Thu 06-Feb-14 12:58:50

Certainly see gp pcos can run in families and can mean opks dont work. Though usually cycles will be irregular.
Do you have any symptoms, excess hair weight gain?
I wouldnt have though ovulation would be a lot of pain.
You can talk to gp about this even if you werent ttc.
Im not sure of the symptoms of endometriosis but i would ask about that too.
They can do blood tests to check for pcos and internal scans.
I would think the time ttc is more relevant if you dont have a reason to suspect a problem.
Ie i went in after 9m as thought i had thyroid problem this then became
Pcos blood tests and then semen analysis we were referred after about year and half ttc , had taken that long for tests due to very poor SA.

akachan Thu 06-Feb-14 14:40:50

If the giving up work and doing your business is important could you do that now? Might take some stress off?

nicx240187 Thu 06-Feb-14 15:14:59

Thanks for your thoughts.
No weight gain no other symptoms of pcos that I'm aware of.
I'll speak with hubby tonight but think I'll prob try and get in at the docs to see if we can get any tests done.
Might see if they can suggest anything for my low mood.

m33r Thu 06-Feb-14 19:26:29

We've been trying for 14months. We want after 8 roughly and I said we'd been trying a year. I got a 21 day test quick and DH got SA. All fine. That was 6 months ago and we are still awaiting our referral to specialist. If I had not been in the queue all this time and was just joining I'd be gutted. Lots of others on here say its 12 months for a reason but I just wouldn't be able to be that patient.

I really sympathise; people always on how good I am with little ones and we both want kids so much (as most on here do). You're not alone!

Good luck whatever you decide.

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