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Smear test ttc

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BumpNGrind Wed 05-Feb-14 14:07:28

My smear test is due in June but I am ttc so thought I should book one now just in case, expecting an appointment to be before the 2ww. However, the only appointment that's left is in a couple of weeks and during the 2ww. I have made it clear at every point that I am ttc.

Is it safe to go? Would you go during the 2ww.

Bumpforme2014 Wed 05-Feb-14 18:17:21

I got my BFP a week ago and just received a letter saying my smear is due now, I did some googling and apparently it is perfectly safe to do it but the results may be unreliable so doctors prefer not too. I will ask my GP when I see her next week about my situation.

Difficult one for you as even if you rearrange you may be in the 2ww again, just go along and tell them situation that way if you do turn out to be pregnant they can take that into consideration when looking at results.

allchatnicknamesgone Wed 05-Feb-14 18:26:31

I personally didn't want one in the 2ww but couldn't get an appointment in the docs for the right time. Therefore I went to a walk in clinic. I chose to go just before I ovulated and actually was quite useful because I told the doc I was TTC and asked her to check my cervix and she said I was prime.

Admittedly I did have to wait a bit in the walk in, but prefered that so I could chose the right day.

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