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Getting seriously hacked off

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utopian99 Wed 05-Feb-14 04:35:32

Been ttc since ds was 9 months, he is now 13. Was bf but cut right down around 11 months, and fully weaned at 12 (off breast.)

Still no af, (last bf was 5 weeks ago) and no bfp. What the buggery is going on? Really wanted a small gap between dc and time is passing. Going to stop ttc in a week or so until April, as ds was a Christmas baby and two would be unfair on both of them, so WHAT can I do in the meantime to make fertility come back??

KatAndKit Wed 05-Feb-14 05:50:31

Four months TTC is not long at all. Especially if you have only weaned a month ago. You just need to be patient and give it time. Once your cycle comes back, ovulation testing may help you hit the right days but sex three times every week is just as effective. Try to remember that anything less than 12 months is very much normal. Hopefully it won't take you that long though.

KatAndKit Wed 05-Feb-14 05:53:35

I would expect if you have weaned entirely your periods would be back within the next month. I presume you have tested for pregnancy just in case. If they take more than another month or so I would have a word with the doctor. Perhaps going on the pill and then stopping it might kick start things?

utopian99 Wed 05-Feb-14 10:10:47

Thanks, perversely if my periods were back I don't think the wait to conceive would bother me, as at least I'd know that it was possible, and we dtd regularly anyway, (for fun rather than effort.)
It's more that I am wondering why they're still not back? Is there anything I can do to chivvy them up?

utopian99 Wed 05-Feb-14 10:11:44

And yes, have been checking with sticks for pg or ov just in case but all negative..

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