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Implantation bleeding or ovulation !!?? Help!!

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Demi123 Wed 05-Feb-14 02:23:26

Hi , so basically I got my first smiley ovulation test 29th and second on the 30th 5 days later which would make me cycle day 14 I have had light painless bleeding only when I wipe I've had this for two days could this be implantation? Or am I ovulating late I don't normally get ovulation bleeding like this it's normally just a bit of red tinged mucus or spotting for under an hour and then nothing comes of it , I have a 28- 32 day cycle which I mainly have a 32 day cycle so is this implantation or isit to early to be ??

smorgasborgen Sat 08-Feb-14 12:04:59

I'm having exactly the same thing! it makes me emotional because u feel that AF will b on its way! have u been quite emotional as well? x

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