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Is anyone using astrology to predict ovulation dates?

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aenor Tue 04-Feb-14 16:32:10

There is a theory according to a Dr Eugen Jonas, that ovulation happens each month when the moon is in the exact phase it was at the time of birth.

I thought I had ovulated on the 20th Jan using EWCM method, so AF should be 14 days from that and here by now. But it's not and I'm getting BFNs. So I'm thinking ovulation was late.

My lunar phase prediction chart says ovulation took place on the 25th. So I'm wondering whether we should have continued dtd till the 25th.

(P.S. to find your lunar cycle, you need the time and place of birth. Enter both into this free horoscope generator:;

When the horoscope is drawn, click on "extended chart selection" in the left hand column. Then click on "special charts" in the form, and then select "lunar phases fertility calender" from the drop down, Then click on "click here to show the chart".

The black dots are new moons, the yellow dots are full moons, the vertical red line is supposed to be ovulation, and the horizontal red line is supposed to be when you should dtd.

Has anyone had any success with the lunar method?

meditrina Wed 05-Feb-14 12:22:49

He also claims that the sex of the baby is determined by which house the moon is in at time of conception, so parents can reliably select.

He never published any evidence to support his theories. And the allied claim that adherence to his method prevents miscarriage and eliminates birth defects is, well, words fail me.

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