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Calm me down, got my hopes up!

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baggyb Tue 04-Feb-14 14:47:35

Need someone to calm me down and list all the things it could be because I can't get my hopes up to high...

Age 29, TTC #1 for 19 months. Was on Microgynon for 10 years, cycle returned immediately. Even if I was ever a bit sloppy about taking it, I've never been so much as one day late. On the waiting list of assisted conception unit. Day 21 bloods usually come back ok but some showed no ovulation, last month showed early ovulation (short cycle). DH's SA shows ok count and ok mobility but that some are slightly small.

Currently on CD20. More CM than usual this month. Off work today and yesterday with terrible flu-like symptoms. Today I've had some light bleeding, seems to have stopped now. I should stress, this has never happened before. Ever. Which has what's got me a bit hopeful...

Too early to POAS, but apart from implantation bleeding, what could it be? All random suggestions welcome as after all this time, I can't bear to be disappointed yet again.

Bobo13 Tue 04-Feb-14 15:25:30

Really hope it is implantation bleed for you babbyb!! Don't know of anything else it could be other than a bit of spotting in between af.
You'll have to excuse my ignorance on the bloods, but if you're getting 21 day bloods does that mean you'll be due to go for them tomorrow? Or are they 21 days past ov?? If tomorrow maybe worth speaking to the doc / nurse when you're there. Fingers crossed for you x

baggyb Tue 04-Feb-14 15:49:47

After my last lot of bloods the GP decided we don't need to run them anymore as they've gathered a wide range of evidence of everything not being 100% right. The month I actually want them done!! The irony isn't lost on me!

akachan Tue 04-Feb-14 15:58:14

Sorry to be as downer but I just posted a thread on this. Spotting is a counter indicator for pregnancy at every DPO. Doesn't mean you're out by any means but statistically speaking, spotting is not a good sign.

Good luck

Bobo13 Tue 04-Feb-14 15:59:26

Might be worth going to see them if the spotting continues over the next day or so x

baggyb Tue 04-Feb-14 16:39:08

Akachan; that's exactly what I need to hear. Seriously. I need to not get my hopes up as all the medical evidence is against us. It's just so tempting when anything out of the ordinary happens!

Bobo, I will, thanks.

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