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Newbie forum user looking for like minded Mumsnet peeps for TTC support and wuv

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Ktangela Mon 03-Feb-14 21:31:01

Hello all!

I am new to the whole forum posting thing, but my sad story is that I am alone in pursuing my destiny of being a mum. I know, it's crazy but all of my nearest and dearest are at the 'ew, is that a baby?!?' stage of their lives or sadly single and unlikely to be in a position to pursue motherhood.

This means that my TTC journey has been kept painfully on the inside and now, at 14 months TTC with not even a vague hint of a squinter of a BFP, I'm feeling the strain of doing this by my lonesome (well, other than the other half obv :D).

So if there is anyone out there who wants to Mumsnet pal up with a late twenties Londoner for TWW and conception angst in general, I'm your gal. I love animals, I collect Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab perfume, books and am trying to learn how to knit/zumba and write stories. I have an unrewarding job working for a law firm as a law clerk.

In other news, I would gratefully appeal to the masses for advice on the 21 day progesterone blood test?

I am a late ovulator according to my CBFM (18 days usually, but once it was day 22). Unfortunately I appear to have a period about 7-9 days later, so I am concerned about the length of my luteal phase. My doctor made me wait till 1 year before he'd consider tests and now, here I am with my blood test form, but confusion in my heart about when to have the test?! He says day 21, but this would be only 4 days after I ovulate, but 7 days before my period. So what do we think? Am I going on Monday 10th (21) or Friday 14th (7 DPO) for this blood test?

I also have the joys of a smear to look forward to (related or just an excuse?!?!) and an ultra sound at an as yet unspecified time... Yeay!

Looking forward to chatting to you!

woodwaj Mon 03-Feb-14 21:44:47

Hi ktangela! Im 27, cat lover and a bit of a marvel and harry potter geek!!

My AF has arrived today. This will make my next cycle no.17 (lucky for some?!)

I had a random day blood test that referred me to a fertility clinic for pcos and I have to go every 3 months for check ups. (Appointment no.3 in April)

Im not sure when is best for your blood test but I suppose 21 days is the norm so even if this is unusual for your cycle it must mean something to them?

allchatnicknamesgone Mon 03-Feb-14 21:56:04

I'd go for the 21 day test on the Friday if you think this is 7 days after you ovulate. Otherwise the 21 day test will be pointless and won't show anything. FYI I've seen other posters change the day of the 21 test according to when they think they ovulate.

I just had my smear which came back abnormal which is bloody annoying and going to play on my mind.

Also, had the ultrasound about a week ago and it was absolutely fine. Better than a smear because no one is directly looking up your fanjo! They are looking at the screen!

Good luck and don't think you are alone. Many of those who ttc don't share with the outside world, so you never know. There may be someone else ttc close to you that you have no idea about!

Ktangela Tue 04-Feb-14 09:49:38

Hello to you both and thank you for reading/ replying to my first ever forum thread! How exciting!

Woodwaj - I'm so sorry that you got your AF today. Did you do symptom spotting? I swear i get a bit obsessed with it and I have felt I was pregnant ever single time for all 14 goes. It's so horrible when the TWW ends with AF. I'm due to ovulate on Friday, but because my luteal phase is getting shorter and shorter, I'm trying to ignore it all till day 7. Only this time I get my blood test!

On the plus side, I can geek. Lol. My best friend is a hard core gamer/ comic/ manga collector and I am really into fantasy books, although I know very little about Harry Potter. smile I also have my 3ds and Edgeworth. smile

Allchatnicknamesgone ( I love your user name) - thank you for the advice re 21 day blood test. I am inclined to sneak off to a later date too. If it really doesn't show anything I'll go again, but it seems daft to me to see if I maintain progesterone 3 days after I ovulate.

Your smear was abnormal? Oh no! That's awful. I suppose that means another smear and TTC goes on hold? How long have you been trying? Big hugs and fingers crosses for you! Whenever I have a smear, they tell me they have to repeat it because the pill caused cells to grow outside of my uterus, and they do not give an accurate reading. Maybe it's something similar?

I don't have a date for my ultrasound, but my GP said I ought to be prepared for it to boldly go, where no ultrasound has gone before should the reading be indeterminate. Lol.

Thank you for lifting my spirits, the both of you. It's always nice to be able to talk to someone about that which woes.


allchatnicknamesgone Tue 04-Feb-14 09:58:13

Yep, smear had cell changes which means I have to go for colopscopy. Dreading it, but more annoyed that I just want to concentrate on ttc. It was bad enough with the smear in the first place….I was determined to squeeze it in between the end of my period and before ovulation, so had to go to walk in clinic and wait for like 2 hours. I haven't read much about the colopscopy, but I can't image it's something you really want to have done in the 2ww. But having said that, being healthy is the most important thing, so I'll have to make it my priority.

I'm due on friday. So my next will be cycle 9.

woodwaj Tue 04-Feb-14 19:03:08

I am constantly symptom spotting and I am a knicker twitcher as well!! A period is a good and bad thing for me its good that I actually get one which means my medication is working.

Have you read online about taking b6? Im sure I've heard people talking about that making your lp longer

katecupoftea Tue 04-Feb-14 19:16:50

Hi everyone!
I'm a newbie too in that just started TTC - had my first 'unprotected' try yesterday (used condoms for 2 years) and it felt weird! Am on cd7 and have a cycle of 26-28 at the moment so got a while to wait.
I'm near London and also 27 and also unable to talk to my friends about it - some would be horrified. Although it's not surprising as am getting married this month so everyone's been asking anyway!
allchat I had a colposcopy a year ago. I stressed for ages beforehand and the experience itself wasn't all pleasant but it wasn't horrendous. And it was good afterwards to hear that there were pre-cancerous cells but they'd got them all. Will answer any questions you have if it well help!

allchatnicknamesgone Wed 05-Feb-14 12:02:59

Thanks Katecupoftea. I think I'm going to just put the test out of my mind, but I'm just annoyed at any disruption to my ttc lark! I'm going into my 9th cycle and all I want up there is cock. (sorry - couldn't think of any other way to put it).

naty1 Wed 05-Feb-14 12:48:32

OP have you had a thyroid test

Ktangela Thu 06-Feb-14 11:38:06

Allchat I spluttered my tea out, lol. But I can appreciate the sentiment. I was explaining the blood test/ smear indignities vs. ya business in a cup and I'm afraid I still do not appreciate why the other half thinks he has it hard. ;)

I hope the results are clear for you though. I can't imagine the stress of an abnormal result! Thinking of you!

Hello Katecupoftea! I hope your TTC journey is shorter than 14 months. I have always wanted babies and never hidden it, so I am surprised my friends are all so surprised!! And everyone at work (law firm) are so very deadly career orientated. They think I'm mad for even liking them. I wish I still worked for Health Visitors. Baby weighing clinic was my greatest joy and also so very hard!! But obviously my HV team were all baby friendly ;)

Woodwaj, knicker twitcher? lol, I'd that for EWCM and implantation bleeds? Coz if it is, I'm one too :D
I have bought some b6 this month because am getting quite paranoid there was something wrong with me. I started reading about luteal phases and such, but after I bought it I thought I should have the investigations first? Then they will more accurately reflect my 'normal' state (although haven't stopped folic acid, just in case!).

I'm due to ovulate tomorrow!! I'm almost too scared to get my hopes up. With that thought, where is the other half??

Good luck everyone!

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