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Clearblue advanced digital monitor - any advice?

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SaRaRaRaRa Sun 02-Feb-14 21:14:28

I've just ordered some of these on amazon for next month - they apparently tell you your 4 most fertile days. Just wondered if anyone else has used these and has any tips / BFP stories? Thanks!

SaRaRaRaRa Sun 02-Feb-14 21:29:13

I mean the advanced digital ovulation monitor btw

DrewsWife Mon 03-Feb-14 02:45:04

I'm using one of these. You will use a full box of sticks the first time. Lol. I love my pee on a stick moment in the morning lol. just had a few days of two bars and today got my ovulation warning.

I think we have been a week late with our trying so hopefully this will be more accurate

SaRaRaRaRa Mon 03-Feb-14 08:12:22

Thanks drewswife. Good luck!

Inshock73 Mon 03-Feb-14 08:28:24

Hi SaRa

I'm using this OPK. I used it last year and conceived the first month, unfortunately m/c and I've been using it for the last 7 months of ttc again. I'm finding it really reliable. I have a 25-29 day cycle (11-12 day luteal phase) and start testing on day 9 or 10. I usually have 2 or 3 days of flashing smilies and then once you see your solid smiley it stays on the tester for 2 days so you don't need to test again. Not the cheapest opk but truing to compare 2 lines on a stick drives me mad. Hope this helps! Good luck!

DrewsWife Tue 04-Feb-14 01:16:23

I had 2nd ovulation day on the monitor. So I assume that means I'm ovulating and releasing a hormone. I had 4 days of two bars before that. Hubby is exhausted. And is hoping for a 1 bar tomorrow. grin

SaRaRaRaRa Tue 04-Feb-14 08:28:13

Thanks inshock73 - sorry to hear about your mc, fingers crossed for you and wishing you lots of luck.

Ha ha drewswife, sounds tiring. Sounds like you are on the home straight for this month though and almost into the 2ww (and time for a rest!)

DrewsWife Tue 04-Feb-14 11:20:43

In shock it am so sorry about the miscarriage. hmm Wish there was something I could say

DrewsWife Tue 04-Feb-14 11:23:16

SaRa I am done. Hubby is still sleeping. It's 11am. I'm finally awake but my excuse is that I work nights ;)

I didn't realise I could potentially find out in 2 weeks. Holy moly... I was 5 weeks gone with my last. But to be fair that was 18 years ago. grin

I have peed and await my monitor telling me it's safe to stop. I am such a sheep.

SaRaRaRaRa Tue 04-Feb-14 17:50:33

Drewswife, I know, you feel like you need to keep giving it another shot so to speak until there is literally no chance. But if relax now if I were you. Have fingers crossed for you. Yep, only 2 weeks to wait! Good luck x

SaRaRaRaRa Tue 04-Feb-14 17:50:53

*i'd relax

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