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Eggcellent egg buddies - a thread for all those IVFing in January, February and March - Volume 2

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resipsa Fri 31-Jan-14 18:43:54

Hi all. As promised, a sparkling new thread that is going to see a lot of action in the next few weeks, I hope!

Onelittlebugbear Fri 31-Jan-14 18:53:04

I've found you!

Feeling pretty good but my blood sugar is not behaving. I think stress plus steroids from hideous rash has caused it swing around a bit. Well actually just stay high and not come down.

resipsa Fri 31-Jan-14 19:02:10


Onelittlebugbear Fri 31-Jan-14 19:03:16

How are now res?
I'm trying to stay away from pregnant people but it's practically impossible - given that EVERYONE I know is pregnant. I'm not even joking.

Badhairday76 Fri 31-Jan-14 19:04:26

Thanks Res.

resipsa Fri 31-Jan-14 19:04:46

Oh, you know, One - making myself feel worse by reading ante-natal threads for August!

Pipbin Fri 31-Jan-14 19:05:44

Bad sounds exciting.

I win the prize today. I held a 4 month old. I didn't cry.

Onelittlebugbear Fri 31-Jan-14 19:07:13

Stop it res! Stop it right now!
Will it help? No. Will it make you feel bitter (maybe that's just me)? Probably.


Mind you I'm a fine one to talk. Can you believe I have three friends due on my birthday? I'm such a bitch but it's going to totally ruin my birthday if a hat trick of babies appear.

Onelittlebugbear Fri 31-Jan-14 19:08:21

X x

WannabeMaryPoppins Fri 31-Jan-14 19:14:39

Thanks for the warm welcome back.

Pip I am so sorry. Can't believe how strong you have been today.
res I know exactly what you mean. I do the same but please don't tell anyone
hat keeping everything crossed that that line gets darker
cwtch and one well done on EC!
bugs well done on the embies

Waves and hellos to everyone

AFM well the last couple of weeks have been up and down. Literally ate and drank my way through Christmas but have been really good since new year. Scan went well today so the FET is due for next Friday. And if that fails then we are going straight on to the Little fuckers please God no

I too am doing my best to Keep away from anyone who is pregnant or who I even suspect might be expecting. Was at a works do a couple of weeks ago and was sure that one of my colleagues was up the duff. Then saw her drinking a glass of wine and felt really relieved God, how mean is that Quarter of an hour later another colleague who has a 10 month old and is still on mat leave suddenly annouces that she is expecting DC 2 in July. I felt like I had been hit by a Train and cried all the way home.

nobeer Fri 31-Jan-14 19:21:58

Thanks res

Hi MaryP I've had similar feelings of late, so I know how you're feeling. Good luck next Friday.

resipsa Fri 31-Jan-14 20:05:29

Wow, MP - next Fri is soon. How old are the embies?

resipsa Fri 31-Jan-14 20:06:30

Pip. Yes, you win. Did mother of said 4 month old know about IVF (please say no)?

TheBuggerlugs Fri 31-Jan-14 20:20:49

<drags sorry self in wrapped in magic blanket and clutching a bag of prunes>

Pip and Res Well done for all the baby related stuff but please don't torture yourself on the pregnancy or ante natal threads.

One hope you can sort the blood sugar out. My ex was diabetic so I know how it can make you feel if it's too high or low.

MaryP welcome back. Fingers crossed you don't need the little fuckers.

AFM I've caved and started on the lactulose as I felt so ill I rang the clinic out of hours and they assured me it won't suddenly work. I'm just running a bath as that will help and since ET is tomorrow it will be my last one until at least October grin

Hope everyone is having a nice Friday evening.

Onelittlebugbear Fri 31-Jan-14 20:32:49

Ok had tonight's bullet.

Read the side effects and it says migraine and careful if you are diabetic as it causes the insulin to not be absorbed very well. I knew it caused insulin resistance as it does naturally the second half of every month anyway.

I did not know about the migraine risk.
Please tell me no one has had migraines on the progesterone and it is rare? I am scared about it - no one at clinic mentioned it to me!

Bug I take it it has made you super bunged up so to speak! Hope you are relieved soon and good luck for ET x

starsandmoonandback Fri 31-Jan-14 21:04:53

Just saving x

starsandmoonandback Fri 31-Jan-14 21:06:27

One, I've got a horrible migrainey headache now, but that is more the drop in progesterone since stopping taking them. I did suffer hideously with migraine headaches throughout my first trimester tho. Try not to panic xx

Onelittlebugbear Fri 31-Jan-14 21:09:15

I will try. I'm sorry you have a miserable migraines headache. How are you feeling that aside?

If I get a migraine like times of old (lost speech, lost feeling in one side of body, vomiting) I will just have to go to hospital. It's the only answer Im afraid. And they will have to knock me out until it goes. Paracetamol will do nothing!
I wasn't worried about this part but now I am!

Didn't have migraines when pregnant though.

Pipbin Fri 31-Jan-14 21:46:03

Resp, No she didn't. She was the mum of a child I teach and I needed her to sign a form. I offered to hold the baby while she did so.

Onelittlebugbear Fri 31-Jan-14 21:49:29

This is my worry - because no one knows we are doing this I'm going to have to fake major joy in May and June when I know of about ten babies due. I am (or try to be) pleased but I do think the weekly birth announcement might finish me off, I might have to come off fb.

Pip hope you are ok. Well obviously not ok but spending time with dh x x

Pipbin Fri 31-Jan-14 22:22:32

We talked about it today and we are both strangely fine with it all.
We were saying that we just don't know how to feel about it really.
Its not completely over because we still have one shot left. I think we are clinging on to that and not facing the reality.
I honestly felt worse holding babies and talking to pg people when we were just plain old TTCing.

Pipbin Fri 31-Jan-14 22:24:07

Oh, and damn near everyone I know knows that we are doing it.
I have nothing to be ashamed of and it stops people saying things and putting their foot in it.

Onelittlebugbear Fri 31-Jan-14 22:27:09

It was more because I didn't want people asking and offering sympathy.

People who conceived without fertility problems can't understand, it isn't their fault but they can't. I just thought people will be asking if I "know" yet and I will want to smack them.

time2deal Sat 01-Feb-14 06:00:03

<sneaks in to mark the thread>

And to say that I've finally tested at 12dp5dt - BFP!! OH MY GOD. Four years, three ivfs, one round of cervical cancer later - finally!!

Long way to go still, but I'm very happy. I started to believe my body simply didn't know how to be pregnant.

Badhairday76 Sat 01-Feb-14 07:09:23

Yay Time! Soooo pleased for you! Absolutely brilliant news!

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