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Help need advice please

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RosieRandy123 Thu 30-Jan-14 14:42:48

Hey all.. About 8 weeks ago i suffered a missed miscarriage at 12 weeks.. It was possibly the worst day of my life looking at the scan screen to find there was no baby ....

A week today i had intercourse and yesterday i started having really tender breasts to the point where i couldnt touch them :L

My question is could i be pregnant after a week and would i be geting the symptoms so early or am i just being silly?

Any advice or stories of someone having the same thing please let me no... this is the 5th forum ive posted in as no one on other websites seem to be answering

Thanks Guys xxx

moonmrs Thu 30-Jan-14 14:58:03

Sorry to hear of your missed miscarriage. I've suffered 2 myself so know how awful it is. Personally I'd say its too early to have symptoms and sometimes because you want it so much your brain imagines them - but you never know! It was a few weeks for me before I had real symptoms, but that's not to say it cant happen this early. Someone else will be along soon with a success story I'm sure. Good luck to you.

Baxter2014 Thu 30-Jan-14 15:01:13

Hi Rosie so sorry to hear of your loss - heartbreaking doesn't even describe it. I had a MC before xmas and we have been TTC since then. The first cycle after a MC is colloquially known as the 'wtf' cycle because you are really all over the place and what is normal for you really does change. About 3 weeks after my MC had started I could have sworn I was pregnant - my boobs were swollen & veiny and it felt like red hot pokers were being stabbed through them, I also had a lot of cramps and night sweats. I had never experienced anything like that (not during my regular cycles nor when I was PG). I thought it potentially could be another PG - you always hear of women who are lucky enough to conceive following a MC without having another AF. However AF came bang on time at CD27. I feel now like I cannot trust my body anymore! Have you had another AF since the MC?

I am currently 11DPO, Ov on CD14 as normal and tried the Sperm meets egg plan (google it - was originally designed to help post-MC couples conceive). Having a few symptoms (mild achey, itchy boobs, cramps, change in CM, headaches and spots) but after last month - who knows?!

tbh there are so many conflicting stories on here and every woman is different. Have you been tracking your OV and could you have DTD over that time? If so, although 7DPO would be early to expect symptoms, it could happen. Be prepared for anything tho. I have found my cycles are completely different and my hormones are all over the place. Did you have bloods to confirm your HCG is back to zero (symptoms could be due to residual HCG)?

As frustrating as it is, only time will give you the answer (and POAS of course).

There are some brilliantly supportive post-MC groups on here. I have found talking to others about my experiences to be very cathartic and now I can say I am out the other side and am positive about the future. It will happen and I wish you all the best with your journey x

RosieRandy123 Thu 30-Jan-14 15:44:41

Thank you both...

Baxter2014 - So sorry about your MC too, its never easy no matter how far along you are, you still get attached.. i have a great supporting family so ive pulled through..

i have had an AF since the MC it came bang on time, my next one is due on 9th of feb, so do i leave it till then as its almost a week away and see what happens...

Yeah all my HCG levels are back to normal since it happend... i ovulated on the thursday that i had intercourse (1 week ago today) :L

Thanks for all the kind words smile I hope this month is your month and everything works out for you in the end.. You deserve it x

RosieRandy123 Fri 14-Feb-14 09:26:45

Hey all thought i would give u an update , i ended up coming on my period 2 days late.. so it was just a blip.. never mind always try again xxx

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