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Anyone taking Potter's FOLIC Plus vitamins?

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Colyflower Wed 22-Jan-14 19:58:11

I've been taking Waitrose own folic acid tablets but came across another brand by Potter's called FOLIC plus which has calcium and vit D as well, thought I could do with the extras as I didn't want to take Pregnacare conception. I plan to start taking normal Pregnacare if I get a BFP beginning of Feb ( fingers crossed!)

Anyone had any experience of these tablets at all and if so are they any good?


allchatnicknamesgone Thu 23-Jan-14 16:22:03

Normal folic is fine for TTC. No vitamins will help the process happen any quicker than nature intends though. I think all these company just call them conception names to make money from the huge market of us trying for babies!

moggle Thu 23-Jan-14 17:03:09

A vitamin is a vitamin regardless of the brand, so just look at the amounts in each. It is really annoying that you pay less for a multivitamin, than for the same multivitamin but with no vitamin A as they can label it 'conception'. Such a con but then this babymaking lark really is a massive moneymaking opportunity. I take pregnacare because we can afford it and the box is pretty but it is a ripoff. I do find my hair and nails are lovely when I'm taking it though, and months when I repeatedly forget to take it I get spotting before AF. Weird.

jentree Mon 17-Mar-14 06:51:43

hello colyflower. For a while before and for the first month or so of my pregnancy i vas taking the potters tablets but when i ran out, and couldnt find the potters ones in the shops i just bought the seven seas ( and a few other brands since then) of the normal pregnancy vitamins. I REALLY noticed a difference in my nails. They were strong and longer than id been able to grow them in ages. Now they keep peeling off in layers and are really brittle.
I managed to find some of the potters tablets in 'home bargains'! yesterday as i wanted to compare the calcium content. they have 800mg whereas the multi vits only have 120mg! amazing difference.
I have never been totally convinced whether multi or any other vitamin supplement actually does you any good but this really is proof in the pudding for me.
As moggle said. It really doesnt matter what the brand is its the content that matters. Potters (£2.75) and the shops own brands(£3.60) really arnt expensive tho, but you can pay stupid money for the if you really want to.
Im going to carry on with the multi vit and get an extra supplement of calcium as theres no point in wasting the ones ive bought already. Mini sprout is developing his bones at the mo (4 months preg) so want to make sure i don't loose any more teeth this pregnancy (nice)!

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