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BFP due Feb 15th

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Treaclepie19 Sun 19-Jan-14 21:45:24

Following up from the 23rd Jan thread, thought I'd make us a fresh new thread full of positivity!

TTC #1 cycle 2 (officially) BFP due Feb15th smile

Bangonthedoor Sun 19-Jan-14 22:59:01

TTC #2 cycle 2 BFP due 5th feb ... fingers crossed for us all!

Mrsmorrison13 Mon 20-Jan-14 00:22:55

Hello smile

TTC #1 cycle 6 BFP due 18th feb fingers crossed x

toots123 Mon 20-Jan-14 07:37:06

Hello again treacle!!

Ttc#1 cycle 2 bfp due 16th feb smile

threebee Mon 20-Jan-14 08:25:21

Thanks for the thread Treacle!

TTC #1 cycle 4 BFP due 15th Feb

Good luck all!

Treaclepie19 Mon 20-Jan-14 18:56:12

Hello again smile exciting times! I have to say I'm still having to tell myself AF is here :p It's already dwindling to nothing. Normally have 6/7 days bleeding and about 3 heavy days. So far had one day spotting, one day heavy-ish and today dwindling back to barely anything. All still happening before AF was due!

smorgasborgen Mon 20-Jan-14 19:36:56

hello all, ttc#1. cycle..god what is it..7? .1 mc two months ago. bfp due mid Feb sometime! x

trying t do the smep plan but seriously? doing this plan when u work shifts is crazy! on CD 5 and managed it once..

question; on my last period it was light for five days, Then two heavier days then over.. confused about what is CD 1? x xconfused confused

smorgasborgen Mon 20-Jan-14 19:38:05

treaclepie I had an early period as well. very strange indeed! wine

Treaclepie19 Mon 20-Jan-14 20:18:01

Hiya smile cycle day one is first day of AF.

I'm really confused... Keep thinking I am actually pg. Will test thurs when period was actually due.

toots123 Mon 20-Jan-14 21:38:51

Sounds v confusing!! Let us know how you get on.
Due to ov soon. I decided we should try the smep plan.
But last month we didnt dtd in the 2ww so we will keep goingat it in case ive confused my dates smile

sizethree Mon 20-Jan-14 21:48:09

threebee and treaclepie , I'm joining your surprise early AF gang as I'm 2 days early this month too. Strange as I used to be like clockwork but it means I get to keep you all company on this thread!

smorgasborden sorry for your loss but excited that you're on this thread as we're at the same stage! Mmc in Nov, 2 AFs since, desperate to make my DH a daddy with our 1st baby. This will only be second cycle of trying (after the mmc. Took us 5 cycles for that pregnancy).

Hello to bangonthedoor, toots and mrsmorrisontoo. Looking forward to settling into a few weeks of tip swapping, TMI and giggles! X

Treaclepie19 Mon 20-Jan-14 22:17:13

Will let you all know how I get on... Bleeding has nearly gone now. Currently 11 dpo so still holding on hope. Sorry I'm ruining our Feb thread just really confused.
Hello all and fx smile

noimagination80 Mon 20-Jan-14 22:56:24

Hey, ttc#1 cycle 5, bfp due 5th. Feb... I had the strange early af last month, so all going well the maths are right and this month will be the month.

toots123 Tue 21-Jan-14 07:15:24

Will you poad treacle? So weird!
We are getting geared up for a dtd marathon smile

Just waiting on a positive opk!

sizethree Tue 21-Jan-14 09:07:58

DTD marathon, love that phrase Toots123!

Treaclepie19 Tue 21-Jan-14 13:05:15

Bleeding has stopped today which means only 2 full days of bleeding instead of 4/5...
Yeah toots I will POAS on Thursday probably or Friday. As well as doing OPK... very odd :p

Going to start my OPK tomorow so I don't miss ov. Normally wouldn't be so worried but with this odd AF (if that's what it is) I'm not really sure when toe expect ovulation so want to make sure.

Hinoimagination smile

toots123 Tue 21-Jan-14 13:11:05

Yeah its all mad! Last month I ov'd on cd 11/12 and today is cd11 and no sign yet. .the joys huh...

Treaclepie19 Tue 21-Jan-14 13:14:04

Definitely the joys! Worst part for me I think is that I'm stupidly holding on to this idea that I've had odd implantation bleeding rather than AF.

DH is now convinced also as I keep going on about it. He actually text me earlier asking if there was any bleeding still and if I was pg :P
Then said not long til we can test.
Its hard to be sensible when he's encouraging me!

twiglet2 Tue 21-Jan-14 14:30:26

Hi everyone,

I'm new on here - this is my first post. I got married in July, and came off the pill in November. Had my withdrawal bleed then af just before christmas, so this is our second month of ttc, hoping for a bfp on valentines day...

ToffeeJungle Tue 21-Jan-14 16:18:45

Hi all- again!

Ttc #2 - cycle 2 - bfp due 4th Feb (I think?)

Last cycle was longer than expected (32 days when I was presuming 28) so will see how this one pans out. Have decided to dtd at least every other day regardless so will see how it goes - fingers crossed!

Treaclepie19 Tue 21-Jan-14 16:25:03

Hi twiglet and toffee smile

Good luck!

smorgasborgen Tue 21-Jan-14 16:28:35

size three we have pretty much the same stats!
finding it hard to work out when period will be as my last AF was eight days of strangeness! trying t do smep plan but going too well so far! xhmm

Catwoman4981 Tue 21-Jan-14 16:50:11

I will be testing around the 8th Feb

Ovulating today so keeping everything crossed.

TTC baby number 4

Jeggie Tue 21-Jan-14 17:04:02

Hi all can I join? Ttc #2 cycle #2. Af due 12 feb although was 5 days late last month so who knows!

noimagination80 Tue 21-Jan-14 19:29:53

Bangonthedoor, we seem to have the same cycle, how's the wait going for you at the moment?

How's it going Treaclepie? My DH started a conversation about who we would tell if we were last night. I wanted to punch him in the face, grin The last thing my messed up, obsessed mind needs is an enabler to my crazy!!!

Welcome Jeggie smile

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