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2ww just started - anyone else?

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Bumpforme2014 Thu 16-Jan-14 20:36:08

Hey, on the 2ww and looking for some support! Just changed onto a 40 day cycle so this has been a long time coming, not that hopeful though as even though we used OPKs we only DTD a couple of times during high fertile time because hubby feels the pressure and can't always perform lol still be nice to have some support. I would call this cycle 2 of officially trying so still early days.

Gennz Sat 18-Jan-14 00:14:41

Hi ladies, I'm cycle 1 - not opk testing or anything but based on EWCM I think I'm 4dpo. AF due on 25 Jan so waiting, waiting... I'm not a very patient person so it's torture!

MrsExcited Sat 18-Jan-14 01:01:22

Thanks bump thats the plan!! I spent last year having had few periods but after the second mc they seem to have re-appeared. Last cycle was 26 days, but before last year they were normally 28 days so am planning to go till the 31st if i can, may cave a little earlier but max 2 days.

Hi Gennz, good luck!

Pickles79 Sat 18-Jan-14 19:42:53

Hello ladies. New on here and nice to read I'm not alone playing the waiting game. This time next week I can test! No symptoms at all. Had a three day headache this week but don't know if that's a sign or not?!

Bumpforme2014 Sat 18-Jan-14 19:53:33

Welcome pickles! Headaches can be a symptom but to be honest anything can be a sign if we want it to be haha

Pickles79 Sat 18-Jan-14 20:09:32

Haha that's what I thought, I'm looking for anything which I know is silly. I convince myself every time but I'm never right. Maybe negative thinking is the way to go lol.

Bumpforme2014 Sat 18-Jan-14 20:17:30

Haha it's torture isn't it, we all do it. I'm not long off the pill and last month got every single symptom there is but it was just hormones going mad!!

Pickles79 Sat 18-Jan-14 20:27:33

I've only had two normal cycles since stopping cerazette. Sometimes that's also another worry, thinking maybe five years on the pill has stopped me ovulating. Hormones do crazy things to our bodies don't they.

Bumpforme2014 Sat 18-Jan-14 23:02:07

Well I was on microgynon for 11 years but apparently the pill is out of your system within days. It's just our bodies adjusting to now having to do something they haven't for years. The pain I had on ovulation day as well as jump in temp and positive on OPK was enough to convince me I at least ovulated! Never felt anything like it... Ouch!

newforest Sun 19-Jan-14 11:18:22

Ovulation can be painful for me too, but I only ever get it on my right. I don't get it every month either. I had it this month and the time before that was September. Must have been the left ovary doing the work in the meantime!

Pickles79 Sun 19-Jan-14 13:03:57

Ooh I sometimes get pain low down on one side during my cycle! I didn't know this could be ovulation pain.

Cakebaker35 Sun 19-Jan-14 13:43:57

Hello everyone, I'm going totally mad symptom spotting this month, I'm getting really annoyed with myself and so wish I could just switch off! I had EWCM yesterday which seems totally bizarre as it was cd22 so no idea what my body is up to!
I came off cerezette in oct pickles and my cycle has been all over the place so I'm just hoping for a sensible one this month as I think getting a BFP v unlikely on my heart of hearts. But I still keep symptom spotting argh!

Princesscrystalx Sun 19-Jan-14 13:49:13

Hello!! Im back for the2ww, im 6 days past ovulationnow, its taking forever! Normally i ovulate on day 19 but this cycle i ovulated on day 14 is this a good sign?? Dtd from day 3 to 17, this month isnt getting away with it! Haha no symptoms other then imaginary nausea!! Good luck everyone xxxx

claudeekishi Sun 19-Jan-14 13:58:05

7dpo here and not much to report sad Yesterday had a headache and felt hot flush-y, but I think that was linked to overworking last week, it was all catching up on me. Very tired but I haven't been sleeping well so of course I'm tired!
No cramping
No CM to speak of
Boobs not sore

I can't believe how quickly the 2ww turns me into a crazy woman.

Bumpforme2014 Sun 19-Jan-14 16:32:54

Hi everyone! No symptoms here either but I am only 3/4 dpo I think it is easy to forget that some women have absolutely no symptoms and still fall pregnant. Having said that I do think that I will just know when I am and I'm not feeling any different at all right now.

One thing I wanted to flag with you guys, is anyone temping? My temps generally are very low and never get above 36.4 - went down as low as 35.7 week before ovulation now back up to 36.2. Last three days I have slept poorly, vivid dreams and so damn hot, hubby says I feel like I'm on fire! This happened last month as well so just trying to understand if normal because I can't be dealing with this every month i want to know why.

Bumpforme2014 Sun 19-Jan-14 16:34:05

Cakebaker have you tried doing an OPK? You might be ovulating again??

Bumpforme2014 Sun 19-Jan-14 16:36:16

Pickles79 yes that is ovulation pain it's only on one side and usually the same side every month. Feels like period cramps then turns into sharp pulling pains on ovulation day. Totally feels like something swollen inside and that is exactly what it is - the egg swelling!

Pickles79 Sun 19-Jan-14 17:24:55

Thank you Bumpforme2014. It's a decade since I was pregnant with my last child so it feels like I'm ttc for the first time, I've forgotten what it's all like!
I've just brushed my teeth and never seen so much blood when I rinsed my mouth, like a worrying amount of blood. Any ideas?

Bumpforme2014 Sun 19-Jan-14 17:36:54

Ooohhhh pickles now that is a sign! Not for me though because I always had bleeding gums! How many dpo are you??

Princesscrystalx Sun 19-Jan-14 17:45:43

Pickles that sounds like a sign! Just wanted to kno ladies, (tmi coming up lol) if you have lots of white cloudy discharge after ovulation which doesnt go away a sign? Doesnt smell or itch. Xx

Pickles79 Sun 19-Jan-14 17:48:49

I've never had bleeding gums, not that I can recall. I'm 8dpo.

Bumpforme2014 Sun 19-Jan-14 17:59:25

Ooh that is exciting pickles! Only a few more days and you can test. Princesscrystal I'm afraid that kind of CM is very normal post ovulation but I guess like anything, if you've not had it before then perhaps?

Cakebaker35 Sun 19-Jan-14 18:03:05

Bump I'm trying to avoid opk's for now, worried they make me even more mad! Pretty sure I did ov around cd14 as had lots of EWCM around then but hmmmm who knows at the mo! I'll probably end up using opks next month when I really will be going nuts

Bumpforme2014 Sun 19-Jan-14 18:53:30

Haha cakebaker I know what you mean but at least they put your mind at rest when your not sure what is going on.

Cakebaker35 Sun 19-Jan-14 19:34:04

Very true bump. I'm feeling all full of pmt this eve so think I'm probably out this month...

Princesscrystalx Sun 19-Jan-14 19:49:36

Yeah true, bump! Gunna test on 12 dpo (friday) and see! Cakebaker your not out till the witch is here, keeping fingers crossed for everyone xx

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