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New Year, New Hope. Jan Bus (part3)

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EnglishGirlAbroad Wed 15-Jan-14 10:46:01

Hop on board thread 3 of the Jan bus! Wishing you all lots of luck for a bfp filled new year!!

sazzlehopes Wed 15-Jan-14 10:48:33

Hey english thanks for the new thread!

EnglishGirlAbroad Wed 15-Jan-14 10:48:51

Lime19 TTC #1 cycle 4, BFP 30th DEC!
Punkypod TTC #2 cycle 2, BFP 2nd JAN!
Broodylicious TTC #2 cycle 1, BFP 3rd JAN!
HippyJess TTC #1 cycle 1 BFP 5th JAN!
Cherieblossom TTC #3 cycle 2, BFP due 6th Jan
Fairypants TTC #3 cycle 4 post mc, BFP 6th Jan
Laceylee TTC #1 cycle 1 mmc, BFP 7th Jan
Choccywoccydodah TTC #2 cycle 5, BFP 7th Jan (2 chem)
Mrskoala TTC #2 cycle 1, BFP
Wondercat TTC #2 cycle 5, BFP 8th Jan
cybercat TTC #1, cycle 1 (following MC & poss chem). 8th Jan
Sleepisf0rwimps TTC #2 cycle 4, BFP 8th Jan
Rockins20s TTC #1 cycle 1, BFP 8th Jan
Lottystar TTC #3 cycle 4, BFP 9th Jan
Mistyautumn TTC #1 cycle 1, after mc BFP 10th Jan
Jilljill2890 TTC #? cycle 7/8?, BFP 11th
LH1981 TTC #3 cycle 5, BFP 12th
Monstersaurus TTC #2 cycle 3 BFP 14th
Justmarriedbecca TTC #1 cycle 1, BFP due 15th Jan
Awaiting BFPS!
Toots123 TTC #1 cycle 1 BFP due 31st Dec
Hopemummi TTC #1 cycle 10, BFP due 1st Jan
Bumpbangbump TTC #2,BFP due 2nd Jan
Thefuturesupremerulersmum TTC #2 cycle 1, BFP due 3rd Jan
Saltyseabird TTC #2 cycle 6, BFP due anyday
Broodysnoopstie TTC #1 cycle 5, BFP due 4th Jan
Wakeytryingagain TTC ? cycle 1, BFP due 5th Jan
Kitty TTC #1 cycle 1, BFP due 8th Jan
Bumpandgrind TTC #1 BFP due 8th Jan
Kt1991 TTC #2 cycle 5, BFP due 8th Jan
Blithereens TTC #1 cycle 1, BFP due 8th Jan
Littlemissy1234 TTC #2 cycle 2, BFP due 9th Jan
Cosyteabags TTC #1 cycle 7, BFP due 9th.10th Jan
Cottonwool4brains TTC 2 cycle 10, BFP due 10th Jan
RMumness TTC#2 Cycle 1 BFP due 10th Jan
Upnorth TTC #1 cycle 2, BFP due 11th Jan
Glitterlily TTC #2 cycle 1, BFP due 11th Jan
Onlymydogunderstandsme TTC #2 cycle 1, BFP due 12th Jan
Jessica78 ttc#1, cycle 7, BFP due Jan 12
Mundaycakes85 TTC #1 cycle 6, BFP due 12th Jan
Kitkat TTC #1 cycle 2, BFP due 13th Jan
Scoffin- TTC #1 cycle 1, BFP due 14th Jan
Harry2007, TTC #3, BFP Due 15th January

Moffit TTC #2 cycle 3, BFP due 15th Jan
Rubyshoe TTC #2 cycle 4, BFP due 16th Jan
MrsMalbec ttc#1 cycle BFP 16th
Becauseisaidso50 BFP due 17th Jan
Amy246 TTC #1 cycle 3, BFP due 17th Jan
Polythenegirl TTC #2 cycle 1, BFP due 17th Jan
Gingerpanther27 ??? bfp 18th jan
Spinninggirl10 TTC #2 cycle 2 post mc, BFP due 18th Jan
Jennyofoldstones TTC #1 cycle 5 BFP due 18th Jan
Thingsthatgohumpinthenight TTC #1 cycle 2, BFP due 18th Jan
Honeybear30 TTC #1 cycle 3, BFP due 19th Jan
Imaginaryhat TTC #? cycle 8, BFP due 19th Jan
Beatrixkidding TTC? cycle 1, BFP due 19th Jan
Doctordonnanoble TTC #1 cycle 1 post mc, BFP due 20th Jan
Barmybunting TTC #1 cycle 3, BFP due 22nd Jan
Treaclepie19 TTC #1 cycle 1, BFP due 23rd Jan
Reginafelange22 TTC #1 cycle 3, BFP due 23rd Jan
Northernlass81 TTC#1 cycle 1, BFP due 23rd Jan
Kittyvoncatsington TTC #1 cycle 2, BFP due 24th Jan
Sleepingstarsmommy TTC #1 cycle 2, BFP due 24th Jan
Missmrsmummy,TTC#1, cycle 2, BFP due 24th Jan
Aisha18 TTC #1 cycle 4, BFP due 24th Jan
Hazelbrowneyes TTC #1 cycle 1/2, BFP due 25th Jan
Saharap2 TTC #1 Cycle 4 AF due 25 Jan
Sazzlehopes TTC #2 cycle 14, BFP due 25th Jan
Charlie343 TTC #1 cycle 3, BFP due 25th Jan
Owlie84 TTC #1 cycle 1 or 8?, BFP due 26th Jan
Keeping TTC #1-cycle 7after MMC in July-BFP due 26th Jan
Onelifeonechance TTC #1, cycle 8, BFP due 26th Jan
Knottyknitter TTC#1 cycle 2, BFP due between 26th and 4th Feb
Queenasanti3 TTC #2 cycle?, BFP due 27th Jan
Nottalotta TTC #1 cycle 8, BFP due 28th Jan
ItsChristmaass Ttc #2 cycle 13 bfp due 28th jan
Hollyben TTC#2 cycle 2 post mc, BFP due 29th Jan
Bellaboo88 TTC #1 cycle 1, BFP due 30th Jan
Bumpbangbump TTC #2 cycle 2, bfp due 30th Jan
newforest TTC # 1 cycle 3. BFP due 30th Jan
Meezermum TTC #1 cycle 1, BFP due 31st Jan
Hazelbrowneyes TTC #1 cycle #1 BFP due 31st Jan
HRMumness TTC#2 Cycle 2 BFP due 31st Jan
Englishgirlabroad TTC #1 cycle 4, cycle 1 post mc. BFP due ?
Ram19 TTC #1 cycle 2, BFP due?
Somuchfruit TTC #2 cycle 1 post mc, BFP due?
Fivemoreminutesmummy TTC #3 BFP due? (coil removed 11th Dec)
Wineandchoccy TTC #1 cycle 6, BFP due?
MSvee TTC #2 cycle 3, BFP due?
Kittyrose TTC #1 cycle 2, BFP due?
Mammy2be TTC #2 cycle 2, BFP due 3rd/4th week Jan poss?
Lorelie TTC #1 cycle 3/4, BFP due?
Puddingandhotmilk TTC #2, but still Bf'ing DD so no AF yet
Htbftm TTC#4 cycle 1, BFP due- no idea!
Mrsf2510 TTC #1 cycle 2, BFP due end of Jan
LH1981 TTC #3 cycle 5, BFP due?
Mattsmama TTC #3 cycle 3, BFP due end of Jan
Lovecuppy TTC #1 cycle 5, BFP due end of Jan
pebble82 ttc#1 cycle2 BFP due end Jan/beginning Feb
Flukewoman BFP due anytime between 14th-21st Jan
Hibou7688- lurking
Sometimesbrunette TTC #1 cycle 1 bfp?
Jo178 TTC #2 cycle #1 bfp?
hudsonriver1 TTC #1 cycle ? bfp?

mrsb87 Wed 15-Jan-14 10:50:53

Hi guys any room on the bus? Ttc#1 cycle 1, bfp due 2th jan!

EnglishGirlAbroad Wed 15-Jan-14 10:56:43

always room for a newbie mrsb, Welcome and goodluck!

No probs sazzle smile

sazzlehopes Wed 15-Jan-14 10:59:08

mrsb - welcome but your bfp can't be 2nd jan? did you miss a number, or mean in feb?!!!

Blithereens Wed 15-Jan-14 11:21:25

Getting miffed now. CD 43 (usually 35-day cycle) and no sign of AF or BFP. I wish one or the other would hurry up and get here hmm

mrsb87 Wed 15-Jan-14 11:24:38

Ah yea missed a rubbish at typing on these touchscreens! 25th jan

icy121 Wed 15-Jan-14 11:27:41

In a bit of a quandary. I had my first 'true' period after coming off Yasmin on Boxing Day. So effectively on cycle day21 now. My body's giving signs of being fertile - cervical action (which is forgotten existed, being on the pill for a decade eradicated all of that!) but I've been using the OPKs and only had one brown line. I use them after work and absolutely zero joy. Only twice, after leaving them for over an hr, I've come back later and there's the faintest 2nd line ever but the rest - nowt.

Do I trust the sticks or my body or just ignore the lot and give it 10 days and do a pg test?

Additionally, I'm boiling hot (and am usually freezing in the office, people literally ask if I'm ok) and every now and then have a weird sense of smell - but I also get that when my stress levels are sky high, side effect of cortisol.

Man alive I hate all of this uncertainty. Just want to KNOW.

spinningirl10 Wed 15-Jan-14 11:35:43

Thanks for new thread grin

Icy, I think test again tomorrow!

sazzlehopes Wed 15-Jan-14 12:06:42

Icy i think if this is your first cycle after the pill i would just dtd eod or every 3 days and try and see your bodies natural signs, then maybe for the next month if no bfp i'd buy some clearblue ov tests which are more expensive but you can use them alongside the cheapy for the month to sort of confirm the cheapos, then after that you might have a clearer idea of what is happening!

icy121 Wed 15-Jan-14 12:35:29

Thanks sazzle I'll do that. It's frustrating because I haven't got a clue what a normal cycle for me would be given time on the pill... Feel like am trying to navigate with a compass but no map.

Ach it'll sort itself out!

sazzlehopes Wed 15-Jan-14 12:42:38

My first 3 cycles coming off my pill were pretty different but i did fall pregnant 4th cycle using the clearblue ov sticks so try not to stress about it, it is early days!

Onlymydogunderstandsme Wed 15-Jan-14 12:54:22

Thanks for the new thread.

I tested again this morning after BFN yesterday (and realising the control line hadn't appeared so it didn't count) and I got a BFP!!!!

Have just told DH when he came home for lunch and I think he is in a state of shock although very pleased. I had a mc before DS so trying not to get to excited this early but it's hard not to!

Choccy I hope things are ok with you thanks

mama31 Wed 15-Jan-14 13:16:32

Congrats only that's great news!!!!! smile

Well I just joined the Feb bus as bfp due 2nd/3rd Feb! But given that I'm a poas addict I've realised that I will know if I'm preggers by end of Jan!!! Lol so I'll continue to hang out here for a bit smile

Choccy I sure hope your doing ok, all my prayers have been sent your way today and only your way!!! As you need them all more than anyone right now x

DoctorDonnaNoble Wed 15-Jan-14 13:23:43

More good news, excellent!

Onlymydogunderstandsme Wed 15-Jan-14 13:31:46

Thank you, I can't stop looking at the test grin

Fingers crossed for you Mama at the end of the month.

mrsb87 Wed 15-Jan-14 13:43:53

Congratulation onlymydogunderstandsme!! Thats uber exciting!! When was af meant to be due?

DoctorDonnaNoble Wed 15-Jan-14 13:45:53

Having a really rough day today. Off work ill, eaten FAR too much chocolate and just wondering if this will ever happen. I was so happy when I got that BFP, I just want that feeling again. And for it to last. hmm

EnglishGirlAbroad Wed 15-Jan-14 14:11:41

Congrats only, that's wonderful news!!
Mama we'd love you to stay and hang out here!! You're always there for a kind word when needed.
Doctor don't feel guilty about the chocolate, sometimes we all need it!! I know how you feel, but you will get your sticky one, as we all will. Sometimes a good moan and/or cry really does help. Hugs.

Onlymydogunderstandsme Wed 15-Jan-14 14:13:20

Mrsb it was meant to be on Monday and I resisted testing until yesterday. I was really disappointed yesterday as I felt pg, have been off my food, feeling tired and my boobs feel very full like with DS so thought I was imagining things. Then when I realised about an hour later that the control line hadn't appeared I realised the test hadn't worked. This morning it tested positive near enough straight away, I have quite long cycles though so it means I'm 5weeks today.

Doctor sounds like you are having a rough day, hope you are feeling better soon!

DoctorDonnaNoble Wed 15-Jan-14 14:22:43

That's brilliant only. I'm going to test tomorrow but not hopeful for a positive result. But DH is going away for an adventure race on Friday. Thought I was having period pain earlier but that's gone now without pain relief - would never happen normally to me, boobs are a little bit bigger but that's it, I'm desperately trying not to feature spot as it just makes me cry! I'm going to the gym later to punch things and run - that'll make me feel better!

misstiggiwinkle Wed 15-Jan-14 14:44:07

Anyone mind if I hop on this bus? I'm a newbie, ttc#1, cycle 2 and bfp due on the 27th. I'm in the early stages of the nail biting 2ww...and starting to symptom spot (although I think I'm imagining most of them!) I think my boobs are only sore coz I keep poking them to see if they hurt!

I've started taking conception vitamins, anything else I should be doing to hurry this along?!

bumpbangbump Wed 15-Jan-14 15:29:15

Well I miss calculated xmy dates and I'm actually due on 26th... My birthday!!! I've got people coming for lunch so I think I'll hold of testing until if I'm late. The Monday or Tuesday. So who's gonna be my poas buddy?

Can't believe I'm in my 2ww already. Going to be long!! Luckily I've got loads going on until then so hopefully o won't get carried way and test early. I only have a frer so want to save it as it's so bloody expensive then if the bitch arrives I won't have wasted all that money!

Congratulations only

sazzlehopes Wed 15-Jan-14 15:34:38

Congrats only!
Mama glad you are staying around.
Thinking of you choccy xx

No symptoms for me today. I'm sure it is all in my head... One week to go. I need to be busy to keep my mind off over thinking things...

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