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All ttc or expecting their BFPs welcome. Fingers crossed for a fantastically fertile February!

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MrsF2510 Wed 15-Jan-14 07:41:51

For those who have jumped off the January bus. May need assistance for the wonderfully organised ladies who are so brilliant at keeping the stats up to date!

So to start the engine MrsF2510 ttc #1 cycle 2 BFP due 1st Feb x

toots123 Wed 15-Jan-14 08:00:14

Hello!!! smile

Af got me at the weekend so new stats
toots123 ttc#1 cycle 2 af due 16th feb smile

MrsF2510 Wed 15-Jan-14 08:09:21

Hello! I'd argue it's your BFP not your AF due 16th Feb! ;)

ThoraNomiki Wed 15-Jan-14 08:13:56

Hey I'll join but will be lurking for a while. Happy to help keep stats up to date now and then. I'll join properly and add my stats after I think I've ov'd so I know roughly when to expect AF. My long cycles might mean I should be joining the March bus but I'm thinking positively this cycle smile

akachan Wed 15-Jan-14 08:27:41

Hello! I'm on this bus now.

Akachan - ttc #1 cycle 3 BFP due 10 Feb

cottonwool4brains Wed 15-Jan-14 08:51:30

Can I jump on?

Cottonwool4brains ttc#2 cycle 11, bfp due 8th Feb

Thank you:-)

mum2kiss Wed 15-Jan-14 08:56:44

I got booted off the January bus some time ago so I'm laying across the back seat of the feb bus waiting for fellow passengers lol!

mum2kiss ttc#2, cycle 2 (or technically 1!) Bfp due 1st Feb

SadieWord Wed 15-Jan-14 10:10:26

Hello please can I join?

Sadieword ttc#1, cycle 2, af/bfp due 10th Feb (ish)

rightaboutthestars Wed 15-Jan-14 10:49:34

Can I hop on too? Cycle 6 cd 3. Apparently due 13th feb. Just in time for valentines day! Have pcos though so not always accurate. Been feelung very negative recently but today's the day I pull my boots on and get on with things!! Xx

mama31 Wed 15-Jan-14 11:24:04

Hi ladies!

Thought I should stop stalking the Jan bus as af kicked me off a while ago! So best jump on Feb bus with my new KOALA plan in action smile

Mama31 ttc2 cycle 8 bfp due 2nd/3rd Feb

Get pedalling ladies ;)

toots123 Wed 15-Jan-14 12:35:38

Haha yeah your right MrsF. Just the way I think. Trying not to get my hopes up. But should have a positive mind set lol

rightaboutthestars Wed 15-Jan-14 12:38:13

Mama31, what is a koala plan? smile

GeorgieWilson Wed 15-Jan-14 12:46:29

Hello, can I jump on the bus!
TTC no 2. No idea when bpf due unfortunately. Just stopped bf my first, had one light af beginning of December and nothing still. Done lots of poas all bfn. Just waiting for AF to hurry herself up so I can start with opk's next cycle, so should hopefully be fen sometime. I guess that will be real cycle one!

ThoraNomiki Wed 15-Jan-14 13:25:28

Awaiting BFP's

MrsF2510 ttc #1 cycle 2 BFP due 1st Feb
mum2kiss ttc#2, cycle 2 (or technically 1!) Bfp due 1st Feb
Mama31 ttc2 cycle 8 bfp due 2nd/3rd Feb
Cottonwool4brains ttc#2 cycle 11, bfp due 8th Feb
Akachan ttc #1 cycle 3 BFP due 10 Feb
Sadieword ttc#1, cycle 2, af/bfp due 10th Feb (ish)
rightaboutthestars Cycle 6 cd 3. Apparently due 13th feb
toots123 ttc#1 cycle 2 af due 16th feb
GeorgieWilson ttc#2 bfp due ?

Tigsy Wed 15-Jan-14 14:15:48

I was prematurely kicked off the Jan bus when AF rudely arrived early, so I'd like to jump on board please. Last month was first month trying and I went a bit crazy! This time going to use opks but not to dictate when we dtd, but just to get a better idea of my cycles (always regular but AF arriving 5 days completely threw me) but not going to poas until day before AF due or unless I have some genuinely convincing symptoms! My stats: TTC#1 cycle 2 BFP due 6th feb (ish)

mama31 Wed 15-Jan-14 14:26:21

Right the Koala plan is courtesy of mrskoala (see jan bus part 2 thread, where she gives advice). Basically mrskoala advises not to orgasm during dtd until after DH, then pedal (cycling legs) for a few mins, then lie with pillow under bottom for 30 mins. Also reccomend a spoon of manuka honey each day! So that's it really! This is what I will be doing this time anyway! smile

rightaboutthestars Wed 15-Jan-14 14:33:27

Oh ermmmm....... does that work?? Off to go look smile xx

headfullofsweetiemice Wed 15-Jan-14 15:12:25

Can I join please.

TTC#2 cycle 1 BFP due 9th Feb.
Still BF DS 11 months but AF returned 5 months ago so fingers crossed.

mama31 Wed 15-Jan-14 16:05:44

It worked for mrskoala so I'm gona give it a go this wkend ;)

mum2kiss Wed 15-Jan-14 16:13:15

Is anyone here taking pregnacare conception?

I started taking it last week to make sure I'm not lacking in any vits and then my friend she'd read great reviews about it actually aiding conception. So I read a few with people saying they got their bfp within the first month or two of taking it! Then I found an article that said a study was carried out on women ttc for at.least one year and they gave some pregnacare conception and some just plain folic acid. 60% of the prengnacare women fell pregnant within the first couple of months of taking it compared to 25% of the women taking folic acid alone!!! I am now VERY curious to see if I get my bfp this cycle as quite lot of.women say they didnt even finish the first pack before getting a bfp!

sazzlehopes Wed 15-Jan-14 16:22:20

Mama - is it peddling whilst lying down or bum in air? I did it whilst i had my bum under a pillow...really need MrsK to come back on and give instructions!

Mum2kiss - i'm taking pregnacare, it's not a miracle worker i hate to say..fell preg with ds after 3 months and was only on folic acid, this time round 14months down the line and switched to pregnacare halfway and still not pg. Still, it is supposed to contain more good things so it certainly can help!

toots123 Wed 15-Jan-14 16:26:01

Sorry... orgasm after dh.... coughs

Really? [Blush]


Juliettesmommy Wed 15-Jan-14 16:30:19

Hello can I join please? Ttc #2 - first month trying. Af due on 30 Jan so getting busy like crazy this week!

I too am taking pregnacare- never heard of it actually helping to conceive but I did take it last time too and got knocked up on the first go.

Good luck all and hopefully there will be lots of Oct 2014 babas for us all!

mama31 Wed 15-Jan-14 16:31:33

Mum I've been taking other conception vits but switched to pregnacare this month so will indeed be interested to see if this works for me!!!! I sure hope so!!!

Sazzle I think you did it right with bum in the air but yes we could do with a re-run of info.....mrskoala where are you?!!!!!!!!

Toots yes orgasm after need to blush....withe stuff we share on here that's mild!! haha! I know what you mean though....ive always O before DH so going to try after this cycle to see if that helps....quite technical though....DH reckons he's skilled enough haha! we shall see!!!!

toots123 Wed 15-Jan-14 17:31:09

Haha no I don't mind the details at all. Just not sure I would be happy being second lol!!!!..

worth a try though. Keep us updated. ;)

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