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Retroverted uterus?

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MrsMcJnr Thu 27-Jul-06 10:31:43

Just wondered if anyone else has one and if it has made any differece to your ttc or pregnancy generally. I remember being distruaght as a teenager because I just couldn't use tampons when I followed the instructions in the boxes, that's when my Mum told me what the problem could be!

tissy Thu 27-Jul-06 10:33:19

I have one, and it made no difference at all. Used tampons for years until I saw the light. Has a Dr confirmed this, or just your Mum?

MrsMcJnr Thu 27-Jul-06 10:41:28

Hi Tissy, that's good to hear. I'm finding it a bit awkward to check my cervical position and wondered if that was why. Yes, Drs have confirmed it over the years. Both sisters also have them as well as Mum.

tissy Thu 27-Jul-06 10:44:12

ah well, I've never felt the need to check my cervical position, so have never had that problem!

MrsMcJnr Thu 27-Jul-06 11:00:24

just trying to learn about my body using all 3 of Toni Weschlers rules. That was TMI sorry!

cadbury Thu 27-Jul-06 11:07:51

Someone told me I had this when I was having my dd - I could never put in Tampons either - I wonder if that's why!

cadbury Thu 27-Jul-06 11:08:07

what are the rules?

sparklemagic Thu 27-Jul-06 11:24:43

I have this, Dr found it when doing an internal years ago; was told then it could make it more difficult to conceive; that coupled with being 35 made me a bit concerned about ttc, but I got pregnant the first month of trying!


MrsMcJnr Thu 27-Jul-06 11:26:54

Hi Cadbury, re tampons, it's all a question of angle I reckon!

Re the rules, I was referring to Toni Weschler's book on Taking Charge of Your Fertility and her rules for learning about and charting your fertility and cycles are by checking 3 primary fertility signs on a daily basis. These are Waking (Basal body) temperature, cervical fluid and cervical position. The last one is optional but I thought I would try to chart all 3 as I am just starting out.

weewilliewinkie Thu 27-Jul-06 11:30:35

I have it too - found out years ago at a smear. It hasn't made any difference to me - I think something like a third of women have it! My mum has it too - I think it's a genetic thing.

I was also told it might make conceiving more difficult but it hasn't so far. TMI waring - every time I've conceived it's been form -ahem- doggy style - I think this is the best 'angle' to reach your cervix.

What do you mean about not being able to use tampons? I always have - although sometimes if I get the wrong angle it really hurts.

MrsMcJnr Thu 27-Jul-06 11:36:29

Hi Weewilliewinkie funny you should mention positions because I was just thinking about that (at work too!). On the Positive July thread doggy, flipping over and legs in the air seems to be the top tip for conceiving and I was just thinking, does that work for us but can't see how it wouldn't. I find tampons without applicators much easier to use personally.

youknowwhat Thu 27-Jul-06 11:38:26

Just learned that I have a retroverted uterus - didn't know about it at 35 and I have had 2 DS!!! No problem for conception either. DS2 was conceived after having sex ONCE in that month .
However, now I do understand why I sometimes have problems to put the tampon if the angle is not totally right.

Fingerscrossed2007 Sun 25-Feb-07 17:09:54

I've known I have a retroverted cervix since very early on. Just started wondering - after this months BFN - what impact this would have on ttc. should i try certain positions?

Any experts or success stories?

AttilaTheMeerkat Sun 25-Feb-07 17:37:12

Having a retroverted utuerus is no barrier to conception at all.

Infact around a third of pregnant women are found to have such a uterus.

iwillbepgbydec07 Sun 25-Feb-07 21:29:20

my mum has one of these, only way it affected her was she could not give birth naturally, although this was not discovered until she tried to deliver me naturally.

AFAIK doesnt affect conception

seaside72 Mon 26-Feb-07 00:06:48

I have a retroverted cervix also - only found last year when a helpful doc doing my smear test (always a nightmare in the past) identified it and took my smear while I lay on my side - way easier!!

However I never knew that is was the reason why I could not use tampons until I was 19! I too still find non applicators easier. You learn something everyday

mummytosteven Mon 26-Feb-07 00:16:29

I've got one and my mum's got one. My mum found this out due to childbirth (back labour), I was only told this at my post birth smear. Given we both had unplanned PGs, I don't think it would have affected TTC.

plummymummy Mon 26-Feb-07 11:07:39

I have one. Have conceived easily each pg. Difficult birth though - needed ventouse assistance

zippitippitoes Mon 26-Feb-07 11:09:01

no problem here

FioFio Mon 26-Feb-07 11:09:16

Message withdrawn

FioFio Mon 26-Feb-07 11:09:52

Message withdrawn

foxinsocks Mon 26-Feb-07 11:14:01

I have one and something else to do with the cervix that I can't remember

have always used tampons, births were comparatively easy (though very deep in my back which was horrid)

only annoying thing is that smears (if done by someone who's not that good) tend to be akin to someone trying to find a needle in a haystack - doctor or nurse ends up kneeling on the bed with their arm embedded so deeply only their shoulder is stopping them being sucked into the void

(have one tonight - sob)

Fingerscrossed2007 Mon 26-Feb-07 14:10:21

Thanks for gettign back so quickly. It was one of those thoughts that just occurred to me after this months BFN. I must say that your experinces of TTC are a relief.

I won't go into the agonies of being designed this was as you have covered them alll the agonising smears etc. I have actually know since I was about 22 and generally found a way of coping eg non applicator tampons etc.

meysey Mon 26-Feb-07 18:27:08

got one too and conceived two easily... also natural birth was fine... so don't lose heart

edam Mon 26-Feb-07 18:29:40

I have one - only found out when I had my 12 week scan. Didn't cause any problems - growing baby fills your womb out nicely. Had a completely natural birth with just gas and air in a midwife-led unit.

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