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Pregnancy after sterilization - can i be???

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puddytats Sun 23-Jul-06 19:37:43

Not sure if this is the right place for this but here goes.
Was sterilized about 6 -8 months ago after birth of dd. My choice very very certain i do not want any more children.
Period is now bout 8 days late, am feeling very tired and not hungry. What with everything else going on pregnancy not needed at the moment.
Symptons could be down to heat, stress, change in medication etc but beginning to get very worried. Any answers, advice similar experiences would be gratefully received!!

puddytats Sun 23-Jul-06 19:59:33


poisson Sun 23-Jul-06 20:01:37


do a test?

munz Sun 23-Jul-06 20:02:51

well not sure if it's the same thing really, but I remember reading in the paper once about a lady who had her womb and overies but no tubes (can't remember the reason why) but anyhow she got PG - was a lucky miracle I think. it's prob due to the stress etc you've been under.

only one way to find out really.

Milliways Sun 23-Jul-06 20:03:40

I would have thought stress would be a MAJOR factoe for you at the moment (sorry), but agree with the fish, the best way to put your mind straight would be a test.

I was told that the biggest risk of sterilisation was ectopic pregnancy, so get yourself checked.

puddytats Sun 23-Jul-06 20:03:57

I was under the impression sterilisation was permenant, just need someone to tell me not to be so stupid
Don't have the money to buy a trest

poisson Sun 23-Jul-06 20:10:37

go to the dorctors they do them free there

Nicola63 Mon 24-Jul-06 14:51:38

There is a small risk of pregnancy after a tubal ligation, and if you do get pregnant it is very important that you get to a doctor as there is a risk of an ectopic (preg in the tube). So please do go to the doc.

FullOfTestosterone Mon 24-Jul-06 15:06:37

yes it is supposed to be permanent but it does have a failure rate....
Also, the consultant warn me that when it did fail there was a higher chance of being an ectopic. So I pass to you his words.... If you ever think you could be... do a test ASAP, and rule out ectopic even faster!

So go to the Gp and demand a test!

Hope is just the heat!

FullOfTestosterone Mon 24-Jul-06 15:07:22

bl**dy slow typer I am...

expatinscotland Mon 24-Jul-06 15:09:07

Some charities also offer free testing - like Lifeline Pregnancy.

YES - heat, stress and change in medication can very, very much affect your cycle.

Get a test and go from there.

Good luck!

gonemad31 Sun 21-Oct-07 14:49:07

iv just found out 2 weeks ago that im pregnant again with my 6th child but i was sterilised 5 months ago iv been cleard of ectopic but still not sure what to expect as im having a few problems like bleeding for 1 is or has anyone else gone through this that can bring me back to reality a bit as its all a bit much for me.

Lulumama Sun 21-Oct-07 14:53:49

were you sterilised the same time as a c.section? if so, there is a slightly higher failure rate as tubes etc swollen from pregnancy...

noooomoooorescarynames Sun 21-Oct-07 16:37:04

puddytats (good name ) ASDA do v cheap pg tests - 2 for £1, is that a possibility?

gonemad31 Mon 22-Oct-07 13:16:42

it was a straight forward sterilisation 8 months after the birth of my daughter who i gave birth to normally no c section or anything no one can tell me why this has happened im in total shock.

mandyr76 Sat 06-Sep-08 13:20:41

Hi I was sterilized 6 yrs ago and had a miscarrage a yr after !! i now think i might again b pregnant too!!
It's not as uncommon as we think!!
I normally have a 22day cycle and today im on d24 with no signs of a period! ive had lower backache for 4 days, feel unusually tired and have that metalic taste in my mouth!! if no period arrives i will test in 3/4 days time and let you know!!
Good luck to anyone who is in the same boat!!

Ashuct Tue 09-Sep-08 16:12:11

My best friend has her tubes tied and they told her there was a 5% chance that she could conceive again in the next 10 years sooo anything is possible... not really sure if thats what you meant

downs Thu 09-Oct-08 09:50:18

Hi all i was sterilised 9 months ago and now i am a week late. This is very unusable for me as i never have missed a period only when i conceived my 2 children i am going to wait another week before i do a test as i have been under a little stress and hoping that is it.

mumt04 Sun 23-Nov-08 13:13:56

hi i got sterilized 9 months ago during a c-section with my fourth child.periods are also reg.but now am 8 days late. i done a hpt when i was 2 days late and it was neg.but still have no period and have pains in lower back.

babyblue3 Sun 23-Nov-08 14:38:17

Hi Ladies. I had my tubes tied in Feb 2006 and in Feb 2007 I found myself pregnant with my 3rd child (born healthy). I have since had an early m/c and am now pregnant with #4. Aside from having an early scan just to rule out ectopic, my pregnancy was normal with no issues. Nowadays, they clamp your tubes rather than cut and burn them. This just makes it easier to reverse. However, and no one told me this, it also greatly increases the failure rate as the clips tend to "slip". Hope this helps!

mumt04 Mon 24-Nov-08 10:08:18

hi all i am now 9 days late and still no period. i have never missed a period since having my fourth child.think i will do hpt at end of month if still no have few pains in lower back and side though.don't no what to expect as i got sterilized 9 months ago.

mama4times Sun 10-May-09 15:19:37

i was sterelized in october 08. i already have 4 kids under 10, 3 were born by emergency c section. last march i fell pregnant but misscarried in may. this made me decide to get sterelized. i havent had a period since last march. thats now 14 months of no hassle lol. but i am now getting a bit worried. my partner is convinced i am pregnant again, i have had all the classic symptoms for the last few months and i do look pregnant. i went to my gp who told me it was all in my head. yet it is other people who are saying that i look pregnant, and i do actually feel pregnant. i have felt movement in my lower abdomin and my boobs have leaked milky coloured secretions. i did do two tests but both were inconclusive. any suggestions as gps just quote statitsics and say impossible, not likely go away!!

mama4times Tue 12-May-09 16:29:11

ok so i went a gp this morning. spoke to her about symptoms and size of my belly/boobs.she had an examination of my belly and then produced a stethoscope, confirmed that my womb is larger, checked my boobs, as i also have milkk ducts appearing. to go back in a week and have bloods taken. she admitted i look pregnant, have all the classic symptoms, so we will find out once bloods come back. she also said that the statitics and chances of falling pregnant after sterelization are 1 in 200, most people think that is a low risk, yet when u think of how many hospitals there are performing the operation every day, it is actually a high risk factor. good luck to all that are blessed with a miracle baby

smitheyg23 Sun 17-May-09 15:57:22

Hi all wondered if you had any advice. I have been sterilized for nearlly 7 years , but i am now 5 days late. This is the first time in 7 years that i have been this late.
I have done 2 preg tests and i have a very very faint second line. I have all the signs morning sickness etc . I didn't think that this could happen. I have 2 beautiful kids.
Gonna see my gp tomorrow, hopeully i won't get palmed off! Gonna push for a scan as i have now got a green discharge and cramping pains on my left side.
I'll keep ya all posted.

lou33 Sun 17-May-09 16:28:01

i think there is a 1 in 200 risk of getting pregnant after sterilisation within the first 5 yrs

i have been sterilised since dec 2001 and had no scares, but it is possible in the early stages

could your lack of period be due to perimenopause?

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